Success Story: How Fotocasa is able to provide eye-catching agency photos throughout Spain

The project at a glance

  • 1,972 shoots in under 9 months
  • 300-350 shoots ordered a month
  • 56 cities around Spain 
  • More than 500 agencies 
  • 4 photo and video packages 
  • 28 hour average delivery time
  • 8.6/10 Average quality rate 
  • 10 Spanish speaking team members

To hear about Xavier’s first-hand experience with Meero and to learn more about Fotocasa’s nationwide work, check out the video here! 


Adevinta, the only pure player in the world of marketplaces, and the real estate portal taking Spain by storm 

Anyone who has ever had to shop for an apartment to rent or a home to buy is well aware of the amount of time spent learning about the local market and comparing different types of properties. Real Estate agents are constantly trying to make their listings stand out to show you their properties in their best light to help you imagine moving in. 

The online real estate portal, Fotocasa, knows this better than most. They know this market inside and out.  

Fotocasa belongs to Adevinta, a company 100% specialized in digital Marketplace and the only "pure player" of the sector worldwide. With a presence in 16 countries in Europe, Latin America, and North Africa, its local platforms receive an average of 1.5 billion visits each month.  As one of the top 10 companies with the largest online audience in Spain and a reference tech company in Spain, they knew they had to offer high-quality photo services to all of their agencies around the country. 

We were looking to improve the quality of the listings and we wanted to do that through images.  Meero was a great option to achieve that…

-Xavier Aragones, Strategic Business Developer for real estate, Fotocasa

The Solution

Studies show that real estate listings with photos are consulted 10 times more than those without, and Adevinta is well aware of the impacts, that's why they turned to Meero to manage the shoots for more than 500 agencies around Spain. 

By using better, professional photographs for our real estate offer, we’ve seen that this has increased the quality of our ads and their performance. It helped the user to find and realize the value of each of the houses. We know from our clients that professional photographs offer a certain sort of value, and emphasize all the qualities of great properties. A photoshoot has become a must if you want to feature a house and if you want it to sell quickly. 

-Xavier Aragones, Strategic Business Developer for real estate, Fotocasa 

With Meero’s help, all of Fotocasa’s participating Real Estate agencies are able to order photo and video packages directly on the platform and are assured of the quality of the visuals at the end of the day. 

With more than 500 individual Real Estate agencies around Spain ordering photo packages, you’d think Adevinta would need a call center to handle all of the inquiries. But thanks to Meero’s dedicated customer service team, we are able to handle all of the requests and calls in addition to the product team organizing shoots.  

The typical client cancellation rate for a photoshoot is around 10%, but with the clear communication system we’ve put in place with reminder emails and calls, the cancelation rate is actually around 5%

-Paloma Abreu, Customer Success Manager, Spain & LATAM

The Delivery

In the nine months since the project launch, Meero has delivered 1,972 shoots with an average satisfaction rate of 8.6 out of 10. 

We maintain constant and seamless communication with Meero. This allows us to anticipate any incidents that might arise and to improve day-by-day. For us, working with Meero is like working in-house, they are a great partner. 

-Xavier Aragones, Strategic Business Developer for real estate, Fotocasa

Each agency that orders a shoot chooses one of four packages: 12 or 22 photos, with or without videos and floorplan. When the agency chooses to order a package, their listing is featured at the top of the page, maximizing exposure and making sure the end-user is able to see the details of each property. 


With an average turnaround rate of 28 hours for all packages, agencies are able to count on all of their properties getting the exposure they need, without any additional stress. 

The Results 

We have seen that using better professional quality photographs has increased the quality of our ads and their performance. It helps the end-user to find and realize the value of each of the houses.   

-Xavier Aragones, Strategic Business Developer for real estate, Fotocasa

With an improved ad quality around the site and hassle-free shoot management, Adevinta has found a partner to meet their top marketplace standards. As the project progresses, every month, the Fotocasa website features more and more quality visuals that help their clients sell the properties that become homes. To hear from other satisfied clients, check out the efood case study here, and learn more about how Meero can help you scale your visual content production click here


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