Luxury hotels and photos, a match made in heaven

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The luxury travel market has been projected to grow at a rate of 6.83% from now until 2023. 

Forecasts are predicting growing numbers, especially in the luxury market. Mordor Intelligence predicts that the Luxury hotel market will grow at a rate of 4.7% from 2018 to 2023, and the luxury travel market has been projected to grow even more than that! Radiant Insights predicts an annual increase of 6.83% from now until 2023. 

That all bodes well for the luxury industry, especially since the International Luxury Hotel Association has reported that “luxury travelers spend six times more on trips than regular travelers and take nearly twice as many trips a year on average.” 

So, we know the luxury hotel industry isn’t going anywhere, it’s just undergoing changes to match its ever-changing clientele. Rahim B. Kanani, a luxury hospitality expert, laid it out best in his interview with Trivago, 

“Guests will become more and more demanding for a personalized, exclusive and emotional experience, and luxury hotels will continue to invest in building out guest profiles to ensure those demands are met.”

One of the fastest and most efficient ways to communicate that emotional experience and ultimately, increase your bookings, is through the ever-classic, and ever-stylish medium: photos. 


Increase bookings with luxury photography

Listings with high-quality images have a 63% higher click-through rate than those without. 

Any experienced hotelier will tell you that photos are an essential part of the customer journey for travel. Whether it be the initial photo that sparks interest in a certain region or the final image of the room that encourages them to click “Book.” 

According to the Ninth Edition of the Phocuswright US Consumer Travel Report, luxury guests are more likely to book directly through the site of a luxury hotel than other travelers, so having incredible photography of your hotel or resort is key to getting them to book.  

Luxury travelers are not booking because they have to, they are booking because they want to, so the photos you present on your website have to make it so that your potential guests can picture themselves at your luxury hotel chain. They need to be able to step into the photo in their mind's eye: lounging by the infinity pool, wrapped in luxurious robes in the in-suite spa... You get the idea. 

TripAdvisor has the statistics on consumer behavior and they reported that having at least one photo will increase the likelihood of a booking inquiry by +225%. Why is this? Simply because your guests don’t just want luxury photography, they expect it. 

Take a look at this stunning luxury video montage created by Meero. In just moments, guests are blown away by the quality of the resort, and the quality of the video gives a level of professionalism that your guests are used to. With Meero, it’s easy to book shoots like this one with our simple all-in-one platform.

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For that 42% who aren’t booking directly on your site, however, and who may be booking through an OTA or a travel agent, you need to have that one breathtaking image. According to Trivago, resorts with an original, and more importantly, high-quality main image receive 96% of all the website’s traffic and a 63% higher click-through rate than those without.


Increase foreign bookings

While North America currently holds the largest share in luxury tourism according to the industry reports, the markets that will most likely to see major growth in the coming year are Europe and Asia. 

“Rising tourism in Germany, Italy, France, and the U.K. is believed to spur the demand for luxury hotels in the Europe region. On the other hand, Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at a tremendous rate over the forecast period.”

Take a second to think about your clientele. The globalization of travel and the tourism industry has created an ever-increasing demand for new luxury experiences and hotels.  Kanani explains the trend in his interview with Trivago:

“New airline routes between destinations that were previously disconnected or too many stops away will encourage even more global guests. This will steer luxury hotels to promote their offerings to new markets, updating their websites to be in five, six or seven languages, rather than two or three.” 

-Rahim B. Kanani


This trend has been growing for years, and it’s one where the impact of great photography is instant. Images and videos translate much quicker than words: They can be shared and reshared across the world in minutes. While it is important to translate your website and marketing for your ideal traveler, a luxury client is ultimately going to book based on how the photos and videos make them feel, rather than the list of amenities your resort undoubtedly offers. 

No matter where you are around the world, no matter how far off your resort destination may be, Meero can help you capture the images that will convert your potential guests. Operating in more than 100 countries, and six offices around the world, Meero’s services are where you need them, when you need them. 

Ritz Carlton Tokyo

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Improve your brand image

As a luxury hotelier, you know that your brand image is your ultimate selling point. Luxury travel is a competitive business: your image is your reputation, and your reputation is vital to succeeding. 

In our modern age, reputation is no longer just word of mouth. Your digital representation is just as, if not more, important for luxury bookings than regular tourist destinations.  And while your goal for your digital reputation is to bring your clients all the way to your website, the journey begins much earlier than that. It begins the first moment a potential visitor sees a photo on their friend’s Instagram or does a search on “luxury vacation ideas.” Your visual content will speak for you everywhere, not just on your website. 

Take a look at The Dorchester. The Dorchester’s Facebook page (more than 45K likes and more than 200,000 check-ins) isn’t just full of beautiful rooms (although they certainly have that as well), they have professional photography covering their restaurants, their food, corporate photos of their team members and general lifestyle photos around the hotel. 

They create easily shareable content that illustrates what it is like to be a guest at their 5-star hotel. By highlighting their staff with corporate photos they demonstrate their expertise in hospitality. By presenting beautiful photos of tea time they are showing users what beautiful table settings they too could share on Instagram.  And by displaying their food in such beautiful layouts, they are quite literally making us hungry to go.

If that seems months of organizing and orchestrating to get that much content, you would have been right before Meero. 

Today, Meero can cover all the bases of your visual needs, not just the immaculate hotel room photos and amenities. With 58k highly vetted photographers around the world, we can quickly get you coverage of the meals in the restaurants, the room service, the team members, and the one-of-a-kind experiences offered by your resort. You could have an entire library of beautiful images and videos that convert within days, not months. 

Meero's Services

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Let's take a look at the Social Media of another leader in Luxury Hotel experiences: Jumeirah Group. Scroll through their Instagram feed a little while, and we guarantee you'll be daydreaming about your next vacation (175K Followers).  The hotel chain has an expertly crafted Instagram feed, with color-coordinated groups of photos that alternate between stunning images of their hotels, and user-generated content. Throw in the occasional photo of the magnificent cities they have locations in, and you have a winning combo. 

With the right mix of content, your photos and videos will be picked up on Social Media accounts like @tasteinhotels (330K followers). We’re talking about the kind of content that triggers a daydream for your followers and makes it so they won’t consider another luxury hotel than yours. Remember, your guests buy what they want, not what they need.  

Why book with Meero?

You wouldn’t book an inexperienced chef, a concierge who didn’t know the area or an event manager who had never been to a conference. And you wouldn’t use amateur photos either. But sometimes finding and managing photographers all around the world can be time-consuming, expensive, and hard to maintain consistency throughout your entire hotel chain. That’s where Meero can help. Our world-class team of producers can take care of all the hassle, to bring you consistent, beautiful images at scale. 

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