How to adapt to OTAs' different photography guidelines

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OTA’s, or online travel agencies, are companies such as Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline,, etc. The main focus is transportation or accommodation, however, you can also find information on sales tours, activities and attractions. The industry is growing at an increasing rate and now is valued at over $7.6 trillion. With new trends constantly evolving, your multimedia content is crucial in generating engagement. Since 76% of hotel bookings are carried out using OTA, just interesting text is not enough; to attract more audience you need quality photos and videos. To post images that attract traffic, you also need to know the strict guidelines each OTA imposes on its images. Here are examples of some of the online travel agencies and the regulations they have on them:

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1. Opodo

Opodo is an online travel platform which offers deals in regular and charter flights, hotel, deal packages, and travel insurance. This is a pan-European enterprise founded by multiple European Airlines. Opodo looks for a number of things when it comes to their travel photography, as they believe that images create the brand identity and engage the customer. Specifically, they recommend:

  • Using photos that are sharp and clean

  • Photos, where the sky takes up a lot of space and almost no clouds, are visible. 

  • The images should have a calm atmosphere and display famous landmarks. 

As for other situations, such as experience, photographers are advised to use images of people interacting with other cultures. The objective of the photos is to not only to surprise and challenge the viewers but to also give them an insight into the destination. 


Understanding and applying all the rules mentioned above can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. To avoid making mistakes and going over your budget, you can collaborate with a professional photography company. At Meero, we’re specializing in making your photography process flawless. 

2. Expedia Group 

Expedia is an international travel platform with a purpose to bring the world within reach. On their website, Expedia claims that the right photos can encourage guests to stay at your hotel, making photography an essential part of the website. Expedia says that travelers read only 28% of content on the page. With this in mind, it’s absolutely necessary to include photos that will attract the needed traffic. For their property photography, they advise: 

  • To use room-specific views as they get up to 11% higher conversion rates

  • To display horizontal photos, explaining that vertical photos are not recommended

  • The photos to be above 1,000 pixels and show eye-level view and straight lines.



Understanding and following all these photography regulations can be really tiresome. To avoid unnecessary confusion, it makes sense to collaborate with external agencies. At Meero, we match you only with professional and experienced photographers. This way, you don’t need to worry about following the specific guidelines or providing poor quality images. 



3. Airbnb 

Airbnb is an American online marketplace and brokerage service based in San Francisco. The platform lets people rent out their property and takes a 3% commission from every booking from hosts and a 6% commission from guests. Just like previous OTAs, Airbnb has its own set of guidelines for uploading real estate related photography. For example, Airbnb requires all the images:

  • Are at least 1024 x 683 pixels and be taken in a landscape format

  • To be taken in the daylight and have the light coming from the windows

Furthermore, photographers really need to pay attention to the details, such as a tent in the forest or a painting hanging on the wall of the house, in order to emphasize the character and ambiance of the property. 


4. Booking 

Booking is a travel fare aggregator website headquartered in Amsterdam. Booking advertises hotels in 120000 destinations worldwide, giving its users a plethora of options to choose from. Since Booking is a platform widely known around the world, it tries to show professionalism in every aspect of their work, especially when it comes to the quality of photos. At Booking, they recommend sharing at least 24 photos describing the place. The images also must have consistent quality and high resolution. There should be at least four photos of each room reflecting a view of the room from multiple corners and unique room features and facilities. Examples of unique features are:

  • Views

  • Balcony, patio or terrace 

  • Kitchen, dining, or seating areas

  • Tea and coffee facilities 

  • Interesting decorative details 


The website also recommends have amenities such as:

  • Curtains showing the outside view

  • Ambient lighting 

  • Freshly made beds

  • Clean surfaces 

  • Spotless carpets and flooring 

  • No laundry or wires visible 

By giving Meero full control of your photography process, you’re guaranteed to have memorable and engaging images that will instantly increase your booking rates. 

5. Hostelworld 

“90% of travelers worldwide say that they expect a personalized experience when they book their travel”

Hostelworld is the world’s leading hostel-focused online group. They have 36,000 properties in more than 170 countries. To attract the necessary traffic, Hostelworld understands the importance of good photography and utilizes it to the fullest. On their website, they list a number of tips and also provide examples of common mistakes photographers make. Some of the mistakes often made by inexperienced photographers are:

  • Taking photos from a wrong perspective 

  • Not paying attention to scale 

  • Ignoring composition 

  • Not using light to your advantage 

  • Not using the right equipment 

  • Not connecting with your subjects 

  • Not paying attention to details & forgetting the background 

Hostelworld advice to take your time and prepare the scene instead of snapping photos as you go. Photographers need to determine the story they want to create behind the image, picking the right lense along the way. You also need to know who the buyers are and what they’re searching for when looking at property photos. Studies show that millennials, also known as gen Y, hold the largest travel share at 33%. What’s more, 52% of all millennials prefer to book their hotel via OTAs. This statistic alone should give photographers an insight on what to shoot and how to display it in the best light. 


With all the different regulations listed by various OTA, following all of them and not making a mistake is quite challenging. At Meero, we’re specializing in making your photography process flawless. By letting us do all the work for you, we guarantee to pair you with the most well-suited and experienced photographer near you. At Meero, we partner with 60,000 photographers in more than 100 countries. While a 60-minute shoot takes a photographer on average four hours of post-production work, Meero’s AI is able to complete the same work in seconds.

Meero can deliver new content by making it 

  • Seamless 

  • Tailor-made 

  • Consistent at any scale 

  • With limitless capability 

Thanks to its adaptable and scalable solutions, Meero can provide prime property images delivered in less than 24 hours.  

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