Success Story: SOLOCAL “Meero’s photos have had a huge impact on our click-through rate”


SOLOCAL (formerly known as PagesJaunes Groupe) is a company specialized in advertising and digital marketing for local businesses.

In this interview, Lison Daillant (Traffic Manager) and Isabelle Tissot (Head of Operations) give us their thoughts on having worked with the company. The conclusion is pretty clear: the defining characteristic of Meero’s work is the talent of the photographers. This is what attracted them to the startup, and it’s had an enormous impact on their company’s performance: they’ve seen a huge increase in click-through rate, at least 6 comments per ad, dozens of shares, around 20 reacts regularly, and frequent tagging of friends on social networks.

What’s more, the company’s productivity has increased by 20% with API thanks to the ease-of-use of Meero’s platform and efficiency of the photography process (which done manually could take 2 to 3 times longer.)

Because they work with small businesses spread throughout France, they found Meero’s solutions perfect for getting a photographer where they wanted, when they wanted. SOLOCAL and Meero’s partnership has already led to 2,000 shots in just 10 months in 1,119 different cities, thanks to the work of more than 340 photographers.

What now sets SOLOCAL apart from the competition is the authenticity of their photos; instead of bland visuals from an image bank, they have genuine people at work in their businesses.

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