Victor Lund talks about the innovations that are changing realtors' lives in the US!

victor lund

Victor Lund is one of the founders of WAV group, a strategic planning firm helping realtors, capital markets, franchises and brokers for more than 20 years.

Thanks to a huge experience in business & product development, innovation strategy, management and strategic planning, Mr Lund has been helping companies in their market development, product positioning strategies and problem resolutions.

Victor Lund is also a major influencer of the US real estate market: he funded RE technology which currently is the biggest real estate technology and media portal in the USA.

During RENT, the leading proptech meeting in France, Meero & Victor talked about how innovation and artificial intelligence are changing the way realtors work.

Can you introduce yourself? 

My name is Victor Lund, I’m the funding partner of Wave group, a consulting company, that works with large enterprise level brokages and franchises and technology companies in the US.

How AI is revolutionning real estate market?

One of the thing we see artificial intelligence doing a lot, is what I call: triggered actions.

A triggered action is “If I get a new listing, a new property listing, that I know that I need photography done.” So it’ll dynamically use artificial intelligence to order the photography.

The photographers complete their photos, they send it back to the server, the servers says “ok I need to create a virtual tour”. So artificial intelligence is creating a virtual tour.

The might also be creating marketing flyers, postcards that are send to homes or prospects.

Notify home buyers of this new property listing, all of that done dynamically and send to the real estate agent with a notification that it’s been completed for them.

It’s save them all the steps to have to manage that process manually.

What major innovation Proptech has brought to the real estate market?

In the united states, one of the things that really helped a lot is the real estate standards organization. They’ve created a data dictionnary, so that data doesn’t have to be mapped from one technology product to another. You can create API’s which speak a common language to allow this automation to help.

So the real estate standards organization has published the data dictionnary and they’ve also published, what’s called the Web API. It’s the way that data has been transmitted.

I think that now that you can get all of these dispread technology companies to have systems that talk to each other, we’re finding that the integration is much smoother and easier. People can focus on developing softwares in very specific verticals within real estate but also have all of those things married under a single platform

What innovation got you most excited about?

We’re finding software that is helping people protect the rights of photographers, copyright protection and compliance with copyright.

Another emerging trend that is becoming very exciting in America today is the ability for a home buyer to get the interior pictures of their home removed after they purchased the home.

The big problem here is that sellers take the pictures and they own the pictures, but then you buy the home and it’s hard to get them off the Internet.

I don’t want the inside of my daughter’s bedroom on the Internet after I buy the home.


Meero is also changing realtors lives by providing them with a professional photographer whenever and wherever they need one. Thanks to an editing AI and the professionnalism of its photographers' network, Meero is able to produce and delivered within 24 hours  real estate photographs, videos and 360° VR. 


05 Nov 2018 by François-pierre Bruiet

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