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Oct 1, 2018 by Phoebe Cook

How to boost your sales using Real Estate Video Marketing



A picture might paint a thousand words but a one minute video paints 1.8 million words…

The figures say it all

  • 92% homebuyers use the Internet to help them make their decision

  • Meanwhile, 87% use an agent

  • The average home buyer spends 3 weeks online before contacting an agent

  • 85% homebuyers want an agent who has video marketing

  • 80% of viewers remember videos

  • 15% of agents have a video presence

  • Videos increase listing inquiries by 403%

  • Videos reduce email subscriber opt-outs by 75%

Let’s break down the stats

Nowadays, the Internet is increasingly important and is consuming more and more of our lives. This means your online and video presence is all the more important. In France, 63% of Internet users watch a video every day.

Before even calling an agent, most people research properties on the Internet for 3 weeks! This is probably because homebuyers can take their time and it is a more relaxed environment. So make your buyer’s journey as easy as possible, by providing easily accessible websites and interactive media forms, such as videos.

Few real estate agencies currently use videos, only 15%. Furthermore, 85% of homebuyers want an agent who has video marketing. This proves that there is a huge untapped market to get involved in! We now know that a video is worth 1.8 million words. In addition, a property listed with videos generates 4 times the number of quality leads!


Essential real estate video ideas

“How-to” and “List-style” videos. These are both well-received ways to impart wisdom and expertise to your potential buyers. If they feel like they’ll learn something, they are much more likely to watch your videos

Property listing videos. Through this style of video, you can sell your buyer a potential lifestyle too, so that they can imagine themselves living there. Some real estate agencies have even created parody videos to generate traffic on their sites...


Video Credit: Youtube

Agent profile videos help to assure buyers that you are trustworthy, communicative and professional agents and agencies. Customer testimonial videos also have the same effect, but instead, potential buyers hear former buyers’ success stories.

Company profile videos - 71% of consumers surveyed by Animoto said that watching a corporate video left them with a more positive impression!

Video Credit: Vimeo

Suburb profile videos like the one below, help to show off local amenities such as schools, transport, restaurants, interesting monuments, etc. This approach appeals to locals and relocators.

And finally, “just for fun” videos! Now, these aren’t essential, but this video got 30,000 views, generating tons of traffic to this realtor’s website!

Video Credit: Youtube

So now that you know a few essential reasons why video marketing is unavoidable, and what attracts homebuyers, we can discuss the how...

How to create successful videos on a limited budget

1. Target the  most popular markets:

  • 86% use videos to research the local community

  • 70% use videos to tour the inside of properties

Find a videographer who can produce videos that combine community information and listings to cut down your costs.

2. Use Youtube 

Believe it or not, Youtube is now the most popular website for house hunters, more so than listing sites. Start by making Youtube your default upload location for your videos.

3. Make a video bio SEO

“Find an agent” searches increase by 46% year on year. To optimize search engines you must not only post on your website but also on Youtube, local MLS and your social media sites.

4. Maker users linger on your site

Time on a business site is tracked and videos will retain audiences on your site for longer than a photo, therefore creating more traffic. Videos make people linger for an extra two minutes. Although this might not seem like much, in the tech world, this is a lifetime!
And if that wasn’t enough, you can check out 8 video creation tips to start creating yours today!


To go further we highly advise you to invest in virtual reality tours.

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