How To Create Listings That Sell

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When putting up a property or a listing, certain elements are essential. The title, the hook and a description are definitely influential to attract the attention of your prospects. However, the photos will really be the key element that will attract a potential customer to your offer and thus allow you to trigger a visit. Did you know that 41% of visitors who look at a real estate ad leave the text for photos? And that 60% of the time spent on an ad is spent on photos? In this context it seems difficult or impossible to sell real estate without good pictures. We give you the keys elements needed in real estate development to boost your visits!

1 - Emphasize Space and Natural Light By Choosing a Sunny Day

The sun is your best friend when it comes to bringing out the charm of a room. You can play with contrasts without resorting to artificial lighting (flash, lights, candles). The photos are naturally warm and attract the eye! Space and natural light are two qualities that grasp the attention of home buyers first. For indoor and outdoor, it’s natural light that you will work with most often. If there is any context light around, use it to your advantage!

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However, shooting on a sunny day is not always ideal. Unless, you’re living in South Florida. So in order to capture the best and most brightness, it’s better to photograph at the beginning or end of the day. But the properties of daylight are constantly changing (intensity, colors, direction). Therefore, emphasizing the natural light by using a wide angle camera lens will capture the quintessence of the space. After-all, shooting in low-light situations is not only about technical know-how but also about creativity to capture the ultimate photograph.

2 - Arrange the interior

Currently, too many real estate photos show a messy house or apartment and the demands for visits is felt directly. No need to clean up thoroughly but just make sure that personal effects do not appear in the photo (coats, children's toys, etc.) and that the furniture is well aligned. Unsymmetrically placed furniture could give off a "messy" effect to your photos. Move around whatever is needed in order to get the desired rendering. You also have the free field to do "home-staging" and thus enhance the volumes, the circulation in space and harmonize the whole.

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3 - Declutter and Depersonalize The Space

It's hard for a potential buyer to get a good idea if family photos of the current owner, a screaming wallpaper or any other personal items appear in the photos. There is one golden rule that must be respected, neutrality. Whether it's tea towels in the kitchen, toothbrushes and towels in the bathroom, children's toys in the living room, all these elements should not appear in the photos. If you arrive at the home and there’s still clutter that you know will not look appealing in the photos, there’s nothing wrong with suggesting that a few extra things be hidden. The home must seem as clean and refreshing as if no one had ever lived there prior. The customer is to feel that this new home, is going to be there's, no one else's.

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4 - Find the detail that makes the difference

As the real estate market is very competitive, it's essential to find a point of interest in the listing, the little extra that will give your prospect the desire to visit and buy your property. A high ceiling, an attic lounge, a solid wood floor, a view, amenities, as many elements on which you can play. Use this or these factors in order to grasp the customer and keep them longing for more. Show the best part of the house and underline it as the tiebreaker!

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5 - Don’t Forget About Reflections

After having made sure to depersonalise your interior, beware of appearances such as windows, mirrors, screens, and the reflection of your silhouette on the tiles of the bathroom. Yes, there are many places on which your face or camera may appear without you noticing it! So be careful because it can hurt your photos. There is absolutely nothing professional about having the photographer’s reflection or shadow in the middle of what could potentially be the photo that gets your client to make their next move.

Ugly House Photos

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6 - Always Include The View If There Is One!

The skyline is usually the dividing line between the land or water and the sky. In photography it’s essential because it will allow for you to highlight certain elements by playing on "the rule of thirds". Including a skyline, helps the viewer better conceptualize the living space and or outdoor area surrounding the house. Some say, the view is the factor that could make or break a deal!

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7 - Don't Forget About The Exterior

In the city even more than in the countryside, the exteriors of real estate are a key element of the sale. Sometimes only a detail such as a balcony, a courtyard with a little greenery, or a small garden, could make all the difference. Think about how much time you spend indoors when living in the city. Those who are living in urban areas, are always looking to go on vacation and get out of the pollution! However, that makes it absolutely essential to include any aspect of the urban apartment or city home, that may have a balcony or garden, large windows, etc.

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Photo Credit: Meero

That's it, you now have all the keys to make real-life snapshots that will attract more customers to your offers and drive up on-demand visits.

8 - What are the benefits of good quality photos?

The property will get more views

If you are looking for a solution to getting more attention, easier, than the best one is to use professional photos. The probability that people will take a look at that particular house instead of another enhances by more than 45%.

The property receives more offers

Houses that grab attention and that impress their viewers are more likely going to receive more offers. And here when we talk about offers, we talk about substantial offers, so this is what you probably want. The key point is to make buyers notice the property, after that, the photos will do the hard work for you. They speak for themselves, they are like a 24/24 h active seller.

The property stays on the market less

The realty photos are the details that will convince possible buyers to come and visit the house in person. As the number of the listings available on today’s market is increasing from one day to another, you certainly need that wow factor to persuade your audience. Professional photos will do that for you! Consequently, if the number of the buyers who are interested in the house increase, then be sure it will all lead to higher chances of actually selling it.

Professional Photos matter from beginning to end 

Making a good first time impression is a must! This it the reason behind the necessity of professional photos, specifically realistic ones. For a customer, this is going to be the biggest investment of their life. Your house must be presentable and highly appealing to a buyer to come and visit it. So, understanding the importance of photography in real estate is a first step, then comes the challenge to select the right photos for the right buyers. Think about it, the photos will be the first things a buyer will want to see.

28 May 2018 by Lisa Scarpa

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