The 8 Digital Tools Revolutionizing Real Estate

Contrary to what some industry professionals might think, expressing an interest in digital innovations in real estate might not necessarily be such a bad thing...

On the contrary...

Being well-informed about technological developments that could potentially "sink" the business in the future is a must. Stepping back and taking a 'Condor Moment' to gain an optimal field of vision might just be exactly what you need. It can help you to observe your competitors, whilst allowing you space to read up on new developments, in this case, digital innovations.


Ignoring the digital world is out of the questions.

Some agents have already taken advantage of new digital technologies to diversify and modernize the services offered to their customers and to optimize relations with them. 

If you haven’t already started, here is the list of the best digital real estate tools. Even if you don’t use them, at least you'll know they exist and be able to handpick the ones most relevant to you.


1 - Key points before starting

Let's start by recalling a few key points.

The purpose of these tools is to provide a faster and more efficient service. The evolution of the real estate sector is now pushing all professionals to transform the way they work.

Technology reduces distance and brings people closer together.

It is by optimizing this social link that you will succeed in obtaining the trust of your customers: Today, experiences must be personalized and the real estate agent must be absolutely transparent. But the ultimate goal of these digital tools is to save time.

On average...

A real estate agent devotes 40% of their time to collecting information and administrative documents, which reduces their availability on the ground.


2 - Various tools for specific uses

Predictions, information, and geolocation

Of all the data that exists in the world, 90% has been created in the last 2 years.

Whilst in France there is a very controlled use of personal data, in the United States, it's a different story. Local legislation is less eye-catching in the use of personal data, so much so that some startups have been given the opportunity to access large amounts of data.


Smartzip lets you know who has the best chance of selling in your area, taking into account the professional and marital status, the number of children and the level of indebtedness.

Video credit: Smartzip



House Canary

In real estate, the reciprocal sharing of data between professionals is not yet considered beneficial and the market data remain difficult to access.

House Canary offers not only real estate appraisal but also predicts future developments to make them available to professionals.

about house canary

​Image Credit: House Canary


State of play

Inspect & Cloud

This real estate application allows agents to do the inventory of fixtures from a tablet, with the possibility of sending it electronically to sign documents, add photographs and archive everything to find them more easily. Using this app also saves valuable time by enabling documents to be emailed, having multiple inspectors and so on.


Credit video: Inspect & Cloud


Appointments and visits

Go paperless and capture visitor information automatically at your open houses. integrates with most CRM software for easy follow up and no missed opportunities. about

Open Home Pro

Get more leads, and production from your open houses. Use Open Home Pro to organize notes about the property and collect visitor information. In addition, it will send automatic follow-up emails to those who visited the home.

Open House Pro Website



An American startup that offers potential buyers the opportunity to find the nearest available real estate agent and visit the property on the spot.

curbcall description

Image Credit: Curbcall


Signing documents remotely


Writing and managing sales agreements in paper format can be a long and tedious task. Notarize allows for your documents to be notarized within minutes instead of waiting in endless lines.

Video Credit: Notarize



This website allows documents to be signed and transactions to be sent quickly and remotely. 


Zip Form Features


3 - Apprehend the real estate of tomorrow

With the speed at which the sector is changing, it’s important to take everything into account to mitigate the imminent arrival of other equivalent American actors.

These tools and digital platforms tend to rework the real estate sector by coming up with solutions adapted to a constantly changing market.

The objective is to be able to optimize the distribution of your tasks, by choosing the tools that you think are necessary, in order to create homogeneity in your services.

They are real assets to the organization and management of your work. But keep in mind that if they can play on your added value, they will never replace a warm handshake, a confident smile or a friendly glance.

12 Nov 2018 by Lisa Scarpa

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