How to find the perfect real estate photographer?

Being in Real Estate isn’t easy and I praise each and every agent that works in the industry. Competition is high and keeping up with technology isn’t always as easy as it looks. However, in order to stay in the game, all aspects count, most importantly the photography involved in the presentation of the listing. The quality of your photos play a lot on the leads you make and the decisions of your customers. Especially, since 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual.

Only 35% of agents use professional photographers. Get ahead of your competition. However, I understand that it's not easy finding the right photographer to photograph what you want, when you want. Several problems arise when considering a professional photographer. Without having special knowledge in photography, how are you sure you’re choosing the right photographer at the right price? Beyond that, it isn’t necessarily easy to set aside the time needed in order to undertake a tedious search for an available and effective photographer. If you don’t know what criteria you need to find the right person, remember these points:

1. Photographer Experience

Photography isn’t necessarily learned in a school or in books, the secret to learn photography is practice and creativity. A photographer with years of experience in this field and in the real estate sector will have more credibility and their work may be more effective for your needs. 

2. Listening and Understanding 

A good professional photographer is also a person who understands the direction in which you want to go. It’s absolutely necessary for the photographer to make it a priority to listen to your needs and be ready to respect your guidelines so as to better meet your desires and make the most of your assets. Nevertheless, professional photographers with experience have an interesting point of view and their advice may be useful in some cases, if you have questions of course. 

3. Importance of Equipment 

It’s not the material that makes the photographer but the material greatly facilitates the adaptation of the photographer on demand. The goal is not to be attracted to the photographer who will have the most material and lenses at his disposal, but to check that their equipment allows them to comfortably meet any type of request you may have. 

4. Post-Production 

We often forget that the work of a professional photographer is not limited to the eye behind the camera. Most of the work is a posteriority report. Photographers spend a lot of time retouching photos for a more qualitative result and harmony between shots. The editing time is an important point to discuss with your future photographer to ensure that it matches your deadlines and that the photos are delivered when you want. Do watch for the type of editing your photographer works with or does, each has their own techniques and colors used. Make sure to ask and establish what type of end result you are looking for.

5. The Price 

The question of cost is more complex because it varies greatly depending on the characteristics of the benefit and the demand. For an order of ten photos and a session of about an hour, the prices are generally greater than $100 and can very quickly go up to several hundred dollars depending on the experience of the photographer and the size of the property.

There's a solution to ALL of this 

There are sites that allow you to get in touch with professional photographers. It’s convenient to have quick access to a wide selection of photographers but not all these platforms have a detailed description of the photographer to help you make the right choice, although even with a good description, the decision is difficult. The company Meero offers a service that greatly facilitates your search for the right photographer and that guarantees a result that meets your expectations every time.

Meero finds the perfect real estate photographer for you

Meero finds the photographers for you! In collaboration with nearly 40,000 photographers around the world, vetted and approved of high quality work, Meero is responsible for finding the photographer closest to the location of the report and for transmitting the details of your order.

Meero is also responsible for all post-production and retouching! Thanks to an editing algorithm developed internally, the photos are all edited in the same way and therefore have the same rendering each time. This allows your property to be fully valued. Delivery of retouched photos is done 24 hours after the photoshoot. This delay is guaranteed, if you order your photoshoot on a Monday for Tuesday, you will receive your photos in HD and retouched on Wednesday!

All this service, Meero offers it to $89 for a report of 12 photos. Obviously, different products, packs and subscriptions are available to best adapt to your needs. The services offered by Meero are varied, order a photographs, video, a 360 ° visit or drone aerial video shoot.

If you still don't know if it’s worth it to call a professional photographer, feel free to take a brief look at these amazing statistics

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09 Apr 2018 by Lisa Scarpa

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