The real impact of photos on property listings, directly from our clients

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From hotels to office spaces to real estate listings, we at Meero have covered some ground. Quite frankly, we could talk all day about how images and videos seal the deal on booking visits or stays for property listings, and, well, we often do… But sometimes it’s better to hear first-hand accounts from the people we’ve helped.

That’s why we’ve reached out to some of our real estate clients to get their perspective on the impact professional photos and videos have on their results, and while we were at it we asked what they thought about Meero.

Knotel uses video and photo to cover events and showcase the spirit of their workplaces in the US

New York-based Knotel is a workspace platform that believes a company should have the freedom to grow without being bound by its real estate. With all of their office transformations and company events, they needed a partner to help them show off all of the incredible work they do. 

That’s why they looked for an on-demand photography and videography partner to shoot and produce their event videos. 

I highly recommend Meero for any company looking to upgrade their video content efforts, not only is it an incredible value but also they have great customer service.

-Mousa Ackall, Director of Marketing at Knotel

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To learn more about how Knotel uses photos and videos to share their brand, check out the full success story here. 


Fotocasa’s real estate agencies all across Spain use professional photography to show the real value of a home

With a huge network of agencies all around the country, Fotocasa is the leading online real estate portal in Spain, and as such, they understand the impact professional photography has on potential buyers and renters. 

We were looking to improve the quality of the listings and we wanted to do that through images. Meero was a great option to achieve that.

-Xavier Aragones, Strategic Business Developer for real estate, Fotocasa

Meero has partnered with Fotocasa to provide 300-350 shoots per month for more than 500 agencies throughout Spain. Through the partnership, Meero produces photos, videos, and even floorplans to provide potential buyers with the context they so desperately need during their search for a home. 

Watch the full video now: 


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OYO Brazil saw an increase of 50% in occupancy rate with professional photos

With more than +500 properties and 13,000 rooms across the country, OYO Brazil is a major player in the hotel industry. This young hospitality startup is a leader in homes, spaces and hotels and has a major need for professional photos. 

Their in-house studies showed that the difference between hotel listings with amateur photos and listings with professional photos is staggering. Their analysis showed a 50% increase in occupancy rate on average with professional photos, and that’s why they turned to Meero. 

In six months, Meero covered 472 hotels in 267 cities around Brazil. But that’s not the only reason they like working with Meero.  

Working with Meero has definitely eased my mind. I know that my Client Success Manager is always there for me and that Meero’s customer service is always available for my internal stakeholders.

- Glauce Botossi, Content Operations Manager, OYO Brazil

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