Meero's exponential growth

Meero, who has been working since its creation to revolutionise the professional photography market, has just announced the opening of its new offices in New York. This is part of the global expansion and exponential growth of the start-up, whose workforce grew from a dozen employees in 2016 to 350 people and 27 different nationalities today. This has enabled Meero to grow considerably. But Meero doesn’t stop there! They’re always looking for new talent to join their team: there are now more than a hundred positions available!

Three months after its $M45 series B funding, Meero was able to export its know-how and its proprietary artificial intelligence technology in over 100 countries. Meero’s international solutions allow users from across the world to order photo and video shoots, which is delivered within 24 hours, to progress as photographers and to connect easily with photographers via a panel of tools devoted to this. The start-up has managed to digitalise and streamline the market by facilitating relationships in the photography industry.

The real innovation is in its artificial intelligence technology, capable of editing photos instantly. In doing so, Meero has reduced the image processing time to just a few seconds, when it would take several hours for a professional to achieve equivalent results. A simple and practical solution to a major editing issue, which has now stormed the market.

These initiatives are working towards completely transforming the sector that was just waiting to be tapped into. Since its launch, Meero has doubled its turnover every two months. The start-up has quickly become the world leader in photography, with big clients such as Uber, Just Eat, LVMH and Accor.

Having raised $63 million, Meero is now stepping up its technology investment, creating 30 new positions in its AI centre. International expansion is also at the heart of Meero’s goals. Creating the New York branch will soon be followed by office expansion in Asia in 2019, and then Sydney and Sao Paulo.

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09 Nov 2018 by Adeline Anfray

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