The Intensity Of A Simple Photograph

Published on 17/04/2018 - Author : Lisa Scarpa - Category : photography

From a hobby to a jobby, this photographer put her world into her photography and out came some of the most simple yet intense photographs. Each photo brings you to imagine what it may be like in that setting. Bustling city or deserted town? Silent waves of the ocean or stormy day?

Discover The World From Above

Published on 16/04/2018 - Author : Alexandre Nessler - Category : photography

Gary Cummins is an amateur photographer who recently embarked on drone photography. Adept at traveling, he photographs the natural landscapes and the urban landscapes in the different countries he visits.

Simple Tips to Help Put Cool Effects On Your Photos

Published on 16/04/2018 - Author : Lisa Scarpa - Category : photography

With our smartphones and digital cameras these days, anybody can take a clear HDR photo. But whats missing from the thousands of pictures we take today is the effect aspect. Here are some simple steps to add some effect and flair to your pictures in order for them to stand out next to others.

The Unforgettable Photography of Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Published on 11/04/2018 - Author : Lisa Scarpa - Category : photography

One of the most influential photographers from the 1940's to the 1960's, we often forget to admire the world Louise Dahl-Wolfe provided for fashion during those times. She mastered her artistry and shaped the way we view fashion adverts and magazines today.

Why You Should Never Use Stock Photos

Published on 11/04/2018 - Author : Alexandre Nessler - Category : photography

Image banks provide pictures that a large amount of the online world and companies use to fill in their images blanks. However, when everyone uses the same or the wrong ones......it becomes a joke, at least to us it is...A little humor never hurt anyone.

A Nostalgic Timeline Through History

Published on 09/04/2018 - Author : Lisa Scarpa - Category : photography

A photograph can bring back a lot more than just a memory. A photo is worth a thousand words. You can feel, smell, and remember through a single photo. What would we have done without the invention of the camera? We would have relied on words?

Secret Undeveloped Film Found In Russian Attic

Published on 05/04/2018 - Author : Lisa Scarpa - Category : photography

Photography works by Masha Invashintsova, which was found in her daughters attic after she passed away dating back to more than 70 years ago. Masha kept them secret and undeveloped for so many years. She also had everything documented in diaries!