The World's Food Photographer of the Year 2018

Published on 25/04/2018 - Author : Lisa Scarpa - Category : photography

A competition that will both make your mouth water and touch your heart in pursuit of the dangers in the food industry in our society. The finalists have been revealed, picked from extremely talented Photographers from all over the world.

Developing Your Film Photography With Coffee!!

Published on 20/04/2018 - Author : Elias Khatal - Category : photography

Film photos have become popular again. Even the home development of them as well. But It's not always ideal or easy on your wallet to purchase the products necessary. A YouTube channel unveils an original tip to replace chemicals that are toxic and polluting with....coffee!

Perfecting Photography With Your Smartphone

Published on 18/04/2018 - Author : Lisa Scarpa - Category : photography

With almost 2.5 billion smartphone users in the world, there is surely a huge amount of picture taking going on every single second. Make sure yours stand out by using these 10 easy tips on capturing professional camera quality photos with your smartphone!