myMeero: The all-in-one platform designed with photographers in mind

Mar 19, 2020 by Monica Linzmeier

Today, Meero is the largest provider of original photos around the world, but that’s not all we do. We have teams all over the world dedicated to bringing photographers and other creatives new tools and content designed to make their lives better, both when they partner with Meero, and when they work on their own projects. 

From conducting the largest survey ever conducted on the profession of the photographer to creating new tools to organizing meetups, we’re always trying to give back to the community.

That’s why myMeero was launched, the only one-stop-shop that gathers all the tools you need to manage your photography business all the while bringing the community together and showcasing inspiring and informative content in the form of videos, tutorials, and podcasts. 

Once you’ve created a free account on myMeero, you have access to the entire range of features: myBusiness, Discovery, and Community. It’s a monster of a tool, so we’ve broken it down for you here:  


The myBusiness section of myMeero is all about making managing a small creative business that much easier. While certain elements are only available in France and the United States for now, we’re working hard on bringing these features to your area. What exactly can you find in the myBusiness section? 


Invoices and Quotes

Anyone who has ever had to negotiate with a company or an event planner knows the importance of consistent and up to date filing and document management. 

Once logged into myBusiness, you can use our online contract and invoice generators that create professional business documents with your own personalized branding. You can send custom quotes, invoices and contracts featuring your logo and then organize it all thanks to the easy-to-use project system. 

Contracts creation - US Only! 

Before sending your final invoice, the most important part in a freelancer’s admin work is the contract.

For users in the United States, on myBusiness, you can now access customized and professional legal contracts. You simply fill out the easy-to-use questionnaire and your customized contract is generated with all the legal wording you need to protect yourself and your clients.

Once you send your contract, your clients can sign electronically and you’re on your way. No more hassle, no more disorganized files. 

We’ve covered custom digital quotes, invoices, contracts, what else is left in the work cycle of a freelancer? Probably the most important: getting paid.

Online payments 

You already have all of the project details online on your myBusiness account, so why not get paid online as well? Simplify your transactions and allow your clients to pay directly and securely online, giving them peace of mind.


The last feature (for now) in the myBusiness section of myMeero is the Galleries section. Once you’ve created an account, you have access to one of the best file transfer systems available today. The galleries were designed with photographers in mind, so they allow you to protect your work with custom watermarks and download limits while presenting your photos in a stylish online gallery that puts your work in the best light. The client can then like, comment on or share the photos directly. 

And if you are looking for a photo-sharing tool that you don’t have to sign up for, be sure to check out MeeroDrop, the next best thing. 

Ready to create an account yet? Sign up now, and if you need more convincing, let me tell you about myMeero’s Discovery section...


discovery mymeero

In the second section of myMeero, we find Discovery: the inspirational side of the platform. It’s both for photographers looking to improve their craft and those who are just passionate about the art form. 

It’s a free online entertainment platform and a unique source for photography education. When you log onto Discovery you’ll find a series of documentaries featuring some of the world's greatest photographers, free educational videos created in partnership with the NOOR Foundation, masterclasses with renowned artists and more. 

In order to start watching these free videos, you just need to create your free account. 

Check out the trailer to find out more: 


 The last part of myMeero to uncover with your account is the Community: a dedicated social media platform for photographers all over the world.

At Meero, we pride ourselves in having brought together the largest creative community in the world, but a community without a tool to connect is not a community, it’s a network.

That’s why, on ‘Community,’ you can meet and connect with other photographers from your region and around the globe. Ask questions to other artists, share your thoughts on the public feed and participate in online group discussions. 

You can even register to attend meetups and workshops that are organized in different regions by local ambassadors

Finally, benefit from our exclusive special offers: insurance, legal services and much more to come!

So have you tried it out? What is your favorite myMeero tool so far? 




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