Meero at PhotoPlus: the largest photography event in North America

PhotoPlus is the largest photography and imaging event in North America, providing quality experiences for aficionados in the photo, video, and visual storytelling worlds to stay informed on the latest industry trends.

Meero joined industry leaders, including Nikon and Canon, at PhotoPlus this month to highlight its on-demand photo offerings and its latest product, MyMeero. MyMeero’s free suite of tools streamlines administrative and management tasks, giving photographers more time to focus on their creativity. Through MyMeero, photographers can show off their work professionally with customizable galleries they can share with clients. They can ‘like,’ ‘comment,’ or ‘share’ their feedback with photographers, streamlining the back-and-forth process.


Meero's booth at PhotoPlus 2019!

Meero's mission is to help photographers devote themselves and their time fully to their passion and creativity, while we manage all logistics from invoicing to market research to post-production delivery and more. Our on-demand photo platform connects brands with a global network of over 60,000 photographers. 


Meero's booth at PhotoPlus 2019


28 Oct 2019 by Mike Siegel

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