Survey: Being a photographer/videographer in 2019

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The profession of the photographer (and videographer) is one that can be uncertain and extremely rewarding all at the same time. From seeing the beauty in something otherwise overlooked to capturing the true essence of a subject to creating something unique and visually appealing, the work of photographers and videographers is often very revealing. 

These visual artists come from all walks of life, some come from prestigious art schools and some are self-taught and on their second or third profession. But one thing that unites them all is the fact that they are constantly facing changes, both in society and by technology. 

That is why we are teaming up with Picter to reach as many photographers and videographers as possible and create a comprehensive study of what is it like to be a visual professional today. 

This questionnaire intends to get a bigger picture of the challenges and the status of photographers and videographers today based on the most reliable source: the artists themselves. 

Click here to take the survey, it should last between 20 minutes and 45 minutes, depending on how much you have to say! 

You have until the 25th of  October to have your voice be heard in this study

What’s more, all those who complete the survey will receive a €50 voucher to use Picter Workspace for 5 months for free and will be entered into a drawing for a Nikon Z6 body and a 24-70mm f/4 lens, worth a total of €2,700.


27 Sep 2019 by Monica Linzmeier

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