In Focus with Sigried Duberos

Pictured above: Christine and the Queens © Sigried Duberos 


Sigried, a self-taught photographer, is now a passionate entrepreneur with 10 years of experience. Through her work, she has built a solid network in the field of photography and music. Today, she continues to photograph artists at concerts and festivals, while complementing her activity with Meero. 

Billy Talent

Billy Talent © Sigried Duberos 

"The world of photography is sometimes very hard, and it requires us to make some hard choices."

The field is very competitive, especially when it comes to concert photography: 

"It is at times very difficult to find clients who agree to pay us for our work.” 

Sigfried also emphasizes the importance of the network: "The network is essential and requires us to make compromises. Some photographers agree not to be paid in exchange for the exposure. As for me, it's something I always refuse, which complicates things." 


She also discusses the rise of self-proclaimed professional photographers:  "Everyone calls themselves a "concert photographer" when that's just not true. Being a concert photographer is not just pressing a button, it's capturing the moment.” For Sigried, all these elements and the natural evolution of the market really complicate her job: "Everything was much simpler 10 years ago."

Sharon Van Etten – la Maroquinerie Paris © Sigried Duberos 

Sharon Van Etten – la Maroquinerie Paris © Sigried Duberos 

“What I like about Meero is the diversity of the missions offered and the people we can meet.”

Sigried joined Meero last May. "Maxime Jucha, who works at Meero, contacted me to join the start-up at VivaTech, as they were looking for photographers who could cover the show. So I decided to try it out." And she doesn’t regret her decision: “What I like about Meero is the diversity of the missions offered and the people we can meet, as was the case at VivaTech 2019." Since then, Sigried has worked on a variety of assignments and events for large companies and start-ups alike. 


Justin Trudeau speaking at Viva Technology

Justin Trudeau speaking at Viva Technology © Sigried Duberos 

As for her feelings about her experience at Meero, they are very positive: "For my part, things are going very well. I have had assignments for which I have been better paid than if I had done them in the domain of concert photography. Honestly, I don't regret joining the platform, it' s very beneficial for me, especially in terms of compensation." 

The XX © Sigried Duberos 

The XX © Sigried Duberos 


To view more of her work, check out her portfolio, and be sure to follow her on Instagram here!

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