In Focus with Kira Vygrivach

Kira, a native of Moscow who initially specialized in Artificial Intelligence, fell in love with photography and decided to leave everything behind to make it her profession. Now living in Paris, she has been with Meero for a year. 

"One day, I decided to leave it all behind to make a living from my passion."

Kira combined her work in the field of Artificial Intelligence with her love of photography. Then one day, her passion brought her to the French capital: "One day, I decided to leave everything behind to pursue my studies in photography. So I decided to move to Paris, a city I have never left and where I now work as a photographer and videographer.” 

“I regularly have jobs and have been able to get rid of the tasks that I liked the least."

It will soon be a year since Kira joined Meero: "I had never heard about it before, until one day one of my very good friends told me about it.  He was a photographer for the platform himself, and suggested that I do some tests." The results led Kira to start taking videos for a large travel brand.

Nowadays, she focuses on portrait shoots: "I am mainly specialized in 'documentary photography.' I love to create photo-stories, and I like to accompany people in order to tell beautiful stories. I love portraits. But what I like above all is to make 'living' portraits in which the model is in harmony with their environment and their story."

© Kira Vygrivach


As for the fact that Meero relieves her of certain tasks, she is all for it: "I regularly have jobs and have been able to get rid of the tasks that I liked the least but that are part of the job, namely research and customer contact. I like to do touch-ups, but not as much as taking pictures. The fact that the edits are automated gives me more time to devote myself fully to taking pictures."

Although she understands the questions surrounding Meero's business model, she does not see it as a threat to her profession: "Today, I think we tend to turn more and more to the online world. This is furthered by the focus on tailor-made, exclusive solutions. However,  each person's personal contributions ought to be preserved. Meero provides a universal and supervised service, while photographers are able to retain their customers thanks to their talent. This way, everyone is able to find their way.” 


© Kira Vygrivach


In the future, Kira would like to see Meero open up to more artistic fields: "I like to cover news stories and portraits. If these two areas are expanded, that would be perfect for me."    

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