In Focus with Jeremy Battista

Jérémy, a young man from Marseille who is passionate about photography, decided early on to make this art his profession. Specialized in portraits, he joined Meero in order to widen his horizons. This is his journey.

Jérémy has always felt a natural pull to photography, and the freedom that comes with the profession. Originally self-taught, he has taking photos formally for the past 6 years. In order to perfect his technique and give credibility to his activity, he undertook photography courses that boosted him to another level.

"The proposed services and concept immediately caught my attention."

After a few years in business, he discovered Meero by chance: "I came across it while surfing the Internet. The concept and the proposed services immediately caught my attention. So I decided to test the platform and see for myself.” 

© Jeremy Battista

Since then, Jérémy has been an active part of Meero's community of photographers: "I really appreciate the diversity of types of clients and shoot locations. There are no two days that look alike!" 

But above all, he likes the diversity of the missions: "The missions and assignments we are given are so varied. For example, in the morning, we can be on a real estate shoot, and in the afternoon we will be on a lifestyle shoot." 

© Jeremy Battista

As for the platform, he likes it’s simplicity and finds it enjoyable to use: "It is very easy to find your way around and the information provided is very complete." He has also recommended Meero to two of his photographer friends, who were captivated by the concept and registered immediately. 

However, he admits that it was difficult in the beginning to combine his activity with Meero and his personal projects "There was a big phase of exploring the platform, and then learning how best to use it. I had to get organized. Today, it is very easy for me to manage these two aspects of my life, but in the beginning, it was a bit tricky." 

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© Jeremy Battista

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