Meero Meetup: Photo Walk in Ampang

Last week on August 25th, 2019, six Meero community members met up at the zoo in Ampang in Selangor, Malaysia. The photo walk was an opportunity for the local Meero community members to help each other by sharing technical skills. Everyone knows the best way to learn is through sharing experiences between peers! 

This meet-up was organized in a zoo because as Donald Tong, the local Meero ambassador explains it: "Wildlife shoots are always challenging and require a lot of patience, hopefully throughout this, we can become closer."

Meero Photo Walk Meet up Gombak


For the walk, the participants were given a photo goal and then divided into groups. They all had a time limit in which to complete their assigned photo tasks. After the contest, everyone got together to talk through the experience and to share news and to answer any questions making sure no photographer was left out of the loop. 

Check out some of the photos of the event here, and be sure to follow these stellar photographers (Instagram Accounts down below!)   




Meero Ambassador: Donald Tong
Pratap Krishnan  
Brandon Wong  
Esmond Goh 
Mohd Fadil Bin Sallehuddin  
Samuel Lee Hernandez

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