International Photography Day with Meero Ambassadors

To celebrate international photography day, we are celebrating a few of our Meero Ambassadors! When these talented photographers aren’t shooting Meero assignments, they find inspiration from other photographers, from the light around them and even deforestation! Learn a little bit about them and explore their work below!


Jessica Santos (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Meet Jessica Santos, a street and documentary photographer based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! We asked her a couple of questions about her craft...

What is your favorite equipment?

I have an old Canon AE-1 with a 35mm lens that sometimes I use to take street photos and portraits, I just love it. The mystery about not seeing the photo right away and the colors that film photography can provide is something else for me.

What inspires you?

There's this Instagram account, called @womenphotograph which is about independent women photojournalists that is one of the most amazing catalogs of what powerful women around the globe are doing through visual journalism. As a journalist, I believe in the power of humanity and communication and how you can show and report it through photography. My inspiration will always be another woman's works.

What is your favorite quote about photography?

"Photographs cannot create a moral position, but they can reinforce one—and can help build a nascent one.” Susan Sontag


Jessica Santos

© Jessica Santos

Check out her portfolio here! And be sure to follow her on her two Instagram accounts: #1 and #2 


Rubia Batista (Recife, Brazil)

Moving up the coast from Rio de Janeiro to Recife, Brazil, we find Rubia Batista, another Meero Ambassador, and a portrait photographer.  

What is your favorite equipment?

Currently, my favorite portrait lens to shoot with is my 50mm

What inspires your photography?

Every kind of artistic expression inspires me, be it music, theater, poems, paintings… Art is life and besides inspiring me, it saves me.

Where is your favorite spot to take pictures?

Places with natural light and plants.


Airele Lima, Model by  © Rubia Batista

Airele Lima, Model by  © Rubia Batista

To see more work visit her website and check out her Instagram account.


Josefina Vaca Fernandez (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Going from Brazil to Argentina we find Josefina Vaca Fernandez, a photographer from Buenos Aires... 

What type of photography do you do?

I used to do a lot of fashion but now I am a little more enthusiastic with more cultural, social, documentary and environment things... I am just working on that... 

What is your favorite equipment?

My favorite equipment is my camera,  I work with a Sony Alpha a6500, I also have a 50mm lens but now I am starting to rent other lenses…

What are your inspirations?

My latest inspirations are the things that are happening around the world... deforestation, global warming, veganism, the Feminist movement, sometimes we have a lot of things bombarding us with a lot of information. It is impossible to change all the things we want. This year I realized that if I cannot change the world, at least I want to change my world… with videos and photos that represent the reality we live in, my reality, my friends and family reality... maybe if we all change our worlds, that could be a way to change the world…

What technique would you like to learn?

I would love to learn more about edition techniques... I think I am very hard working at the pre and during the filming and shooting but then in the post-production, I miss something... more about regarding the filming...


 Josefina Vaca Fernandez

 © Josefina Vaca Fernandez

View more photos on her portfolio here, and be sure to check out her professional and personal Instagram accounts.    


Yenny Fernandez (Miami, USA)

The next stop on our Meero Ambassador tour is Miami, Florida where we talked with Yenny Fernandez. 

What type of photography do you do?

The best type... I get to shoot people in LOVE! 

What is your favorite equipment?

My favorite piece will have to be the Sigma 85 1.4 art lens! It's a masterpiece for capturing the ever so dreamy Bokeh. 

What inspires you?

 I aspire to create constantly. To never let the spark of capturing great content die. Imogen Cunningham said it best when she said “Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow. 

What was the funniest thing you've ever shot? 

My Daughter's 2nd Birthday Photoshoot. We were on the beach, in the Florida heat, with a cake... she ended up with a sandy cake that she still ate! Good times! 


Wedding Photos Yenny Fernandez

© Yenny Fernandez

To see more beautiful wedding photographs, stop by Yenny’s portfolio and Instagram


Mick Fris (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Hopping across the pond to Denmark, we find Mick Fris, a photographer with a wide range of talents!

What type of photography do you do?

For work, I do mostly commercial and advertising photography and content films for social media. For my own personal work, I love shooting urban, portraits and underwater photos. 

What do you like to shoot with?

My primary workhorse is my Canon 5D4 with a Tamron 24-70 2.8... And my drone, I really LOVE my drone.

What are your inspirations?

That's a hard one. Inspiration is everywhere, and I love going through other creative people's  Instagram accounts to see their work. But my primary source of inspiration must be the guys that I'm collaborating with here in Copenhagen. We have so much talent under one roof here!

Where is your favorite spot to take pictures?

Everywhere that I haven't photographed before!


Mick Fris 

© Mick Fris 

Check out Mick Fris’s portfolio and Instagram pages to see more!


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