Meero Meet Up: Gold Coast, Australia

What’s it like to be part of the fastest-growing creative community across the globe? 

Shooting with Meero doesn’t just mean booking more shoots, it also means being part of a real community. With meetups regularly organized, Meero photographers from all backgrounds can meet up and talk shop. Already in 35 countries, the Meero Ambassador program will spread to more than 100 cities around the world. 

In this most recent meetup hosted by Meero Ambassador Lena, on July 18th, photographers met up at the industrial vintage chic warehouse, Mobile Barber Shop Depot, in Gold Coast Australia, to share stories, exchange techniques and really just get to know each other. 

Another reason why we love our Meero family so much? They recorded, edited and shared this stellar video.   

Check out the Instagrams of the talented photographers who participated here: 

Lena in Australia; Meero Ambassador


Dahmen Digital

Lorenzo Photography

Jordi Sark

Agu Charlone

Bertrand Schmitt

Gustavo Yoshida

Tamara Bretas

Jackie Warren

Victor M. Montagner

Will we see you at our next meetup?



30 Jul 2019 by Monica Linzmeier

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