The impact of photos on retail store conversions

06 May 2019 by Thomas White

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In the Internet age, there’s no way you can do retail without photography. Very few customers are going to come to your company on blind faith: they have to see for themselves what kind of service you’re providing, how well it works, what your staff is like, everything.

If we just take mobile users, 50% of people using the internet on their phone to find businesses visit the site the same day, and more than 18% of them go on to make a purchase while they’re there - and what they’re all going to be basing this first impression on is photos. Here are just a few examples of how online photos impact the work of retailers.

Photos are fundamental to effectively using Google MyBusiness

60% of Google searchers say they’re immediately drawn to local results with images.

Google MyBusiness is an extremely important tool in any marketer’s arsenal - as part of a SoLoMo strategy (Social, Local, Mobile) anyone searching in your area on any kind of Google-using device will see relevant businesses appear at the top of their results page in a Google Maps box or a Google MyBusiness box to the right of the results. Photos are the foundation you can build a good MyBusiness banner on - without them, you’ll fall behind.

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The way SoLoMo works is by adding listings specifically tailored to your local area you attract mobile internet users passing through. 81% of mobile searches are carried out for their speed - people on the go looking for a product in a hurry - and when they see something interesting just nearby they pop in. That’s when your business gets the chance to really show its expertise.

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Using high-quality photos on a Google MyBusiness page not only means you can be accessed easily across the globe even without a website but improves your local presence online. 40% of mobile Google searches are with local intent - meaning you use this free service from Google MyBusiness to rapidly increase your visitors in-store. A Google MyBusiness page means internet searchers can see things like opening hours, your phone number, your precise address, etc. It works, too: 50% of mobile internet users who make a local search visit the site that day, and a good 18% later go on to purchase. That’s a pretty good return on investment given you pay absolutely nothing to use it!

Photos dramatically increase your click-through rate on your website

Photos were chosen as the most important means of promoting your business by 32% of top marketers - far ahead of any other content.

As the most eye-catching form of marketing available to businesses, photos have the important task of being the most fundamental presentation of your enterprise online. Customers want to see details of the business, products, projects, locations, etc. This is what will give future clients a solid idea of your professionalism and, now having a clear image of what you’re about, allows them to trust your brand.

Studies have found photos lead to an at least 42% increase in click-through rate on your site - that means more traction on your site, more publicity, more sales, and more revenue.

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It’s also a chance to give yourself a human face. Don’t be afraid of using “lifestyle” photography which gives the viewer a clear picture of the environment at work and an impression of your overall ambiance. Businesses that work with the millennial demographic have to be more stylish, appealing, and cool - they must NOT seem like faceless corporations. Millennials, according to research from the Consumer Technology Association, trust photos, and this is the generation that will soon dominate every major market, so you have to adapt to this new target audience as quickly as possible.

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Photos optimize your impact on marketplaces

The basic findings of online marketplaces like Airbnb suggest that photos on these sites can lead to a 7 times increase in click-through rate.  

These days sites like, Hostelworld, Trivago, and Oyo Rooms take up an ever-growing share of the online retail market. The first of these alone has 2,302,526 different listed properties on its website! You may be thinking that these marketplaces are confined to hotels and cheap flights, but in fact, millions of small businesses, restaurants, gyms, and other local-area companies are already listed on these sites. If you’re not using them yourself, you could be missing out.

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To take TripAdvisor as an example, 53% of their online users won’t visit an establishment without photos according to a study from Pebble Design. This study goes on to state that businesses with at least 1 PHOTO have a 138% higher rate of engagement. That’s an astronomical figure for just one simple bit of visual content.

Airbnb, whose Airbnb Experiences section features local retailers, has also found pretty dramatic increases in traffic thanks to visuals. A 40% increase in earnings, 24% more bookings and increases in prices are just some of the major gains you can make with a good visual strategy.

To really stand out on these enormous marketplaces that have begun to dominate online shopping, you need to really work on the quality of your visual content. You’re aiming to use these sites to put yourself out there, make yourself visible to a wider market, and improve your online image - NOT get lost in the millions of other listings. According to a buyer’s study carried out by Etsy, a marketplace specializing in vintage and handmade goods, 90% of users is the most important thing for any listing on the site.

Meero’s photo solutions can dramatically increase your ROI for retail

As you can probably tell, retail really cannot do without photos in 2019. They absolutely improve your online presence, but to really have that convert into revenue, you need to have high-quality photography for your brand.

Research from the company Skyword found, for example, that businesses using dynamic, interesting photographs had 94% views than boring, purely demonstrative visual content.

Creating stylish, attractive visuals for your enterprise or commercial center is a must, but it’s easier said than done. Freelance professionals are always around but come with their own irregularities, problems with set up, and price differences. If you’re a small brand trying to keep up with the international competition, you’ll want to keep the prices down.

We here at Meero provide a global professional photography service:

  • 60,000 photographers around the world
  • Delivering a photoshoot to a client every 25 seconds

Our innovative work system that doesn’t just take into account the concerns of small business owners: it’s built around them. Our service allows you to order a photo shoot or video session wherever and whenever you want, talk directly to your allocated, professional photographer, and get the content back fully-edited in 24 hours. We provide a uniform, high-quality, efficient, and what’s more, cheap service that makes us the world leader in corporate photography

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