Meero Photographer Nicola Bertasi Exhibits in Paris!


Nicola Bertasi, one of Meero’s very own photographers, has been chosen to exhibit in the exhibition La Dernière Lune.

Nicola was born in Milan in 1983 and lived in Liguria until the age of 17. Now he splits his time between Paris and Milan. He studied History and Literature at the State University of Milan, graduating in 2009. During his studies he explored and learned how to create his prints in a darkroom.

Nicola is fascinated by storytelling through photography; he travelled to Europe, the Middle East, Northwest Africa, the US, Cuba and India. Today, he writes for the Italian daily Il Manifesto and photographs for Le Monde, Mediapart, Liberation, Paris Match, La Stampa Touring Mag and Alias.

On graduating from University, Nicola, with some fellow photographers, founded the magazine Milano Città Aperta. Since January 2013 he has been part of the BENJ Gallery and since 2014 he has been a member of the Hans Lucas studio.

La Dernière Lune Exhibition

La Dernière Lune is a brand new, exciting exhibition running from 10th - 25th November 2018. Nicola Bertasi is one of two photographers in the exhibition, the other being Mazio Villa. The exhibition is at La Galerie Macadam in the Institut Culturel Roumain, 1 Rue de l’Exposition, 75007 Paris.

la derniere lune exhibition

Curator of the exhibition, Valeria Ribaldi, believes that “La Dernière Lune is a photographic project that aims to explore the last surviving bond, in the Western world, between contemporary everyday life and a primitive dimension of existence.”

la derniere lune exhibition

Nicola and Mazio were welcomed into Maramures, Romania in 2013 but felt as if they had gone back in time 60 years.The presence of death, which we have eliminated our consciousness, is still in Eastern Europe, and is regarded as a fundamental passage of life.

“We were greeted by their dead”.

la derniere lune exhibition

Both photographers were welcomed with open arms into a parallel, but foreign world, so far from the modern Western world we live in today. The profound impact this trip had on the photographers is reflected in the exhibition La Derniere Lune.

la derniere lune exhibition

la derniere lune exhibition

la derniere lune exhibition

la derniere lune exhibition

Photographs copywright: Nicola Bertasi & Marzio Villa.

15 Nov 2018 by Phoebe Cook

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