Calling Out All iPhone Users Who Are Photographers At Heart!

An Award Anyone Can Win! 

A competition all iPhone users can finally participate in! If you've never heard of the iPhone Photography Awards, this is actually the 11th annual awards! Anybody can enter, here are some of the simple requirements!

Entries are open worldwide to photographers using an iPhone or iPad! If you have one, try it; any type of iPhone, no matter the generation is valid. Remember that the commity is allowed to check at anytime, the egibility of the photo by asking confirmation of the photo on your Apple device. It is permitted to use add-on lenses and the use of IOS apps to edit images as well. However no desktop editing programs are allowed.  Photos should not be published previously anywhere. The posts on personal accounts (Facebook, Instagram etc.) are eligible. 

The next deadline for the 12th annual awards is March 31st, 2019! Maybe this year's winners will inspire you to go out and capture the world around you! 

Here are your winners! 


Grand Prize Winner, Photographer of the Year

Jashim Salam | Bangladesh | Shot on iPhone 7

Location: Ukhiya, Bangladesh

“Rohingya children watching an awareness film about health and sanitation near Tangkhali refugee camp in Ukhiya.”


Baiana in yellow and blue

1st Place, Photographer of the Year

Alexandre Weber | Switzerland | Shot on iPhone 6S

Location: Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

“The picture was taken in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, spontaneously, after a truck drove by. The woman with traditional clothes of a “baiana”, was looking after the truck, during her work break.”


Eye to eye

2nd Place, Photographer of the Year

Huapeng Zhao | China | Shot on iPhone 6

Location: YanTai ShanDong province, China

“I met this boy while walking at the seaside. When I was trying to take a picture of him, he put the fish he caught in front of his eye."


I want to play

3rd Place, Photographer of the Year

Zarni Myo Win | Myanmar | Shot on iPhone 7 Plus

Location: Yangon, Myanmar

“A young boy who lost his leg was watching his friends play soccer, and he said he wanted to play soccer if he could.”



Category Winners!

Here are some of the 1st place winners from a few different categories! 


1st Place - Animals: 

“Django” Old man baby dog

Robin Robertis | United States | Shot on iPhone 7 Plus

Location: Carlsbad, California

“Django is a Shaolin Temple Terrier, born and raised in a Buddhist monastery in the northern province of Hunan China. Django likes long walks on the beach and listening to Miles Davis.”



1st Place - Sunset: 

Dandelion sunset

Sara Ronkainen | Finland | Shot on iPhone 5s

Location: Jyväskylä, Finland

“In central Finland, where summer days are long and sunsets beautiful. I was out walking by a lake one evening, and saw dandelions floating in the breeze. Feeling inspired, I picked one, held it up and used it as a filter through which to capture the last rays of the day’s sun.”



1st Place - Children

Spray Fury

Melisa Barrilli | Canada | Shot on iPhone 5S

Location: Toronto, Canada

“My daughter was wearing her ballet leotard and she was spraying her siblings and herself.”



1st Place - Still Life


Fiona Bailey | United Kingdom | Shot on iPhone 7

Location: London, England


1st Place - Floral


Alison Helena | United States | Shot on iPhone 7

Location: Santa Barbara, California

“I was parking to do my weekly grocery shopping and saw the amazing light on the wall and flowers”


1st Place - Lifestyle

Mrs. Sancheski

Natalia Garcés | Spain | Shot on iPhone 7

Location: Alcalá de Henares , Madrid, Spain

“This day I opened my second exhibition, there was a lot of atmosphere and good friends. Mrs. Sancheski is the mother of three children, unique, urban and stylish.“


1st Place - Nature

Morning Fog

Sukru Mehmet Omur | France | Shot on iPhone 6S

Location: Toulouse France


13 Nov 2018 by Lisa Scarpa

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