Photographer Captures One of The Rare Wonders of Nature

A 'WOW' Moment 

A Chilean political photo reporter turned landscape photographer is creating quite the uproar online thanks to his extreme weather photographs.

In 2008, FranciscoNegroni was working on his typical political news project when he witnessed the Llaima volcano eruption in which he was unable to photograph the moment, which then led to his new career path.

Francisco Negroni

His work first grabbed international attention in 2011 when he captured the Cordon Caulle eruption and ended up winning several awards for his series. Negroni’s work is particularly unique because of his ability to capture some of the rarest moments in nature, including a phenomenon called a “dirty thunderstorm”. This type of storm also known as volcanic lightning or thunder volcano, is a weather phenomenon that is related to the production of lighting in a volcanic plume!

What makes this sighting so rare is that according to a study in the Bulletin of Volcanology, “27%-35% of eruptions are accompanied by lightning”! Negroni's photography is unique for its ability to crystalize powerful moments in nature, showing its fiery energy in an artistic manner even with such rare circumstances.

Ah, his technique. Well, he mainly focuses on long exposures! This allow his to pull out the intensity of the event.

Francisco Negroni

Francisco Negroni

Francisco Negroni

Francisco Negroni

Francisco Negroni

Francisco Negroni

25 Jul 2018 by Lisa Scarpa

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