The Color Factory Arrives in New York For A Colorful Ending To Summer

Photo Credit: A Jaunt With Joy (San Francisco exhibition)

After a first edition in San Francisco last year, the ephemeral collaborative exhibition moved to New York for the end of summer 2018.

A Highly Anticipated Exhibition

In a specially-designed 2000m² museum at 251 Spring Street in South Manhattan's Soho neighborhood, visitors will be able to experience unique ultra colored sensory experiences.

Whether they take place in San Francisco or New York, these exhibitions are intended to pay tribute to the colors that adorn our daily lives and make the visual identity of cities.

The city of New York is not particularly famous for its colors, it even has a reputation of being a  greyish city.

The collective of Color Factory tries to show that the colors are before our eyes are enough to look for them.

"You look at the city differently when you're looking for color," says Jordan Ferney, co-founder of Color Factory.

color factory manhattan

​Photo credit: Melia Robinson (San Francisco exhibition)

Last year, the San Francisco show was supposed to last two months, it finally extended from August to February. The Color Factory owes its success to Instagram. The colorful "experiments" proposed by the artistic collective are dreamy sets for selfies and highly "instagramable" photographs.

The exhibition is also considered to seduce the instagramers.

Cameras in several rooms of the exhibition will be able to take a picture by unlocking the camera with a map distributed at the entrance, then the photos will be sent by email and can be published on the largest social networks of photography in the world.


Soho's Color Walk Announces the Color of the Event


Manhattan Color Walk from Color Factory on Vimeo.

If the request to extend the first exposure several times was very important, the wait around the second is just as important.

Thus, to help wait until the end of the summer, a foretaste of the New York exhibition, it is already possible to see the "color walk".

It's a colorful striped walk along the Smithsonian Museum's garden on Cooper Hewitt Street. The colors are not chosen at random, since each of them is connected to a specific characteristic of Manhattan.

Indeed, the Color Factory team ran 265 streets in search of color samples that could represent each of them.

Thus, the walk offers the colors of the facades of the city, the colors of the melons sold at the market or the color of the costume of a doorman on Fifth Avenue.

manhattan color walk


manhattan color factory

manhattan color factory

Photo Credits : Color Factory

color factory manhattan

Photo Credit : A Jaunt With Joy (San Francisco exhibition)

color factory manhattan

​Photo Credit : A Jaunt With Joy (San Francisco exhibition

13 Dec 2018 by Alexandre Nessler

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