The Master of Hyperrealism

Oct 25, 2018 by Lisa Scarpa

Hyperrealistic Creatures 

The most realistic paintings you’ll ever see. Each canvas is delicately painted with an end result of hyper-realism. As you zoom into the detail it seems almost unimaginable that these photos are not actually taken with a camera but painted by Korean artist Young-Sung Kim. Being featured in a number of galleries all around the world, the details in Kim’s paintings are unbelievable.

Kim introduced his current series ‘Nothing. Life. Object’ in 2006 and has added over 60 paintings to his collection. In order to get the desired result, Kim works from 9 am to midnight every day and even then it may take him up to a year to complete one piece. Kim also mentions one of his paintings called ‘the frog on the bolts’  took him about five years to finish.


“I want them to be as realistic as humanly possible, it just takes me a very long time to be completely satisfied with a piece,” says Kim.


Young Sung Kim

Mr. Young-Sung Kim

Not Enough For Young-Sung

However, Kim still feels that his work is not complete, especially with the advancement in technology, his goal is to perfect his paintings to compete with HD monitors and keep up with innovation and technology.


“If you enlarge a photo to observe it, you will realize it is not very realistic. Technology advances at a great speed and it is hard to keep up, but my goal is to outperform high-definition television or computer monitors. It’s a real challenge, but I’m hoping to be able to paint in greater detail than photos or QHD monitors. To create an image that is real in every single detail,” says Kim.


The world has discovered Kim's paintings and its been nothing but incredible, he sells paintings for tens of thousands of dollars. You can find his work and their cost, if you are interested, on Artsy. His paintings are what you would call inconceivable. Take a look for yourself!

Young Sung Kim SnailYoung Sung Kim DragonYoung Sung Kim  FishYoung Sung Kim FishYoung Sung Kim LizardYoung Sung Kim SnailYoung Sung Kim FrogYoung Sung Kim SnailYoung Sung Kim LizardYoung Sung Kim PaintingYoung Sung Kim bug


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