Beaches As You've Never Seen Them Before

Photo Credit: Bernhard Lang

Who could have imagined that one would feel so much satisfaction by contemplating such busy beaches? While usually crowded beaches are a source of frustration and disappointment, and it's hard to agree to share a piece of sand with your neighbor, sometimes you just have to get high on situations to learn how to enjoy. Bernhard Langet Gray Malin can attest to this through their exceptional photographs.


Bernhard Lang Photographs Beaches From His Helicopter

Taking photographs from his helicopter on the Italian coast, Bernhard Lang delivered another image of the beach. The principal elements of the photographs are not the men, nor the sand or the sea which serve as decorations, but the parasols colored and aligned perfectly. The arrangement of the parasols on the sand and the paths leading to them vaguely remind us of the elements that make up the printed circuits. By taking the height and the distance on one of the most common summer habits, you may be surprised by how it resembles a miniature world with its lot of ultra-organized activities. The comparison with ants is natural. The photos have a striking beauty and provoke a feeling of deep satisfaction, which we can then confess our abnormal taste for the order and organization involved.

Bernhard Lang is a 48-year-old German artist. He originally comes from advertising photography but since 2010, he has devoted more and more time to his personal artistic projects. At the beginning of his approach, a will to show the visual impact of the constructions of mankind on the face of the natural landscapes of our planet. Whether it’s positive or negative. It’s not so much for ecological or environmental awareness but rather a way to realize the strange balance that is in the duality of the beauty and the deconstruction of certain scenes. It’s a reflection on the perpetual fight that is played on Earth to arrive at a symbiosis of the human race with the place in which it lives.


Gray Malin Captures The Recreational Spirit of Vacationers Through His Camera 

Another artist interested in the same artistic view of the beach, Gray Malin. The photographer accustomed to working for the New York Times observes the beaches with a little more proximity, but still with aerial shots, like a spy locating a territory and the activities of a population. The photographs present crowded, pop-colored, advertising-like resting places due to the placement of humans and objects that appears unnatural.

The human silhouettes are more visible than in the work of Lang. However, objects are more varied, umbrellas are always in the spotlight but at the same level as surfboards, towels, sun loungers and water. This last element is much more present in this set of shots. The turquoise waters and the tropical trees sublimate the art of recreation of vacationers and encourage the sharing of heavenly places.


Bernhard Lang:

Bernhard Lang

​​Bernhard Lang

Bernhard Lang​​Bernhard Lang

Photo Credits: Bernhard Lang

Gray Malin:

Gray MalinGray Malin

Gray MalinGray Malin

Photo Credits: Gray Malin

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