The Most Captivating Minimalist Pop Art

Jun 12, 2018 by Lisa Scarpa

Minimalist Photography

Andhika Ramadhian, an artist, designer, and photographer from Bandung, Indonesia has found the perfect match between minimalism and illusion to express the richness of color. Bringing together a mixture of patterns and vibrance, architecture and landscape, he has found the justified image in order to please the eye. Ramadhian has brought together his passion of graphic design and photography in order to create repeated colors and patterned minimalist works of art. As the vivid colors clash through the images, there is always a subtle sign of human life, in the middle or mixed into the pattern. As he likes to say “Its perspective, not truth.”

Ramadhian frequently posts on Instagram, keeping his followers up to date and eager to see his new creations each time. He has gathered almost 8k followers on Instagram and over 48k project views on Behance!

Andhika Ramadhian Colorfult

Andhika Ramadhian Minimalist Art

Andhika Ramadhian Camouflage

Andhika Ramadhian Minimalist ArtAndhika Ramadhian Minimalist ArtAndhika Ramadhian CamouflageAndhika Ramadhian Minimalist Art

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