Dubai and Abu Dhabi Are Being Swallowed By Sand

Swallowed Cities 

The two most famous emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, have made headlines over the past decade as some of the fastest-growing developed cities and certainly wealthiest. However, building on top of nature just feeds into the war we humans have with our earth. The battle we face between mother earth and humans isn’t found more anywhere else other than in these United Emirates. Having built so quickly, from a port town to one of the wealthiest cities in the world, Dubai gets quite the punishment from nature. Deadly sandstorms hit UAE every year bringing their rath to the famous cities. The aftermath gives the impression that the cities streets are being swallowed by the desert sand. This is beautiful yet remarkable to see. 

Australian Photographer, Irenaeus Herok, with a background in design and fine arts, finds his guilty pleasure in landscape photography. His portfolio consists of melancholic, eerie scenes of views and landscapes we feel we’ve almost never seen before. He has found the apocalyptic vibes that his photos give off as we slowly watch the dessert eat away the highways and settlements of the Emirates.   

Take a look for yourself.

Irenaeus Herok Dubai desert swallowing road

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08 Jun 2018 by Lisa Scarpa

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