You Can Now Download 50,000 Works From The Met’s Digital Collection

Oct 30, 2018 by Elias Khatal

Known as one of the largest and most famous museums in the world, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has once again been talked about. Famous for its fiercely exclusive annual gala, which is one of the most popular events on the planet, the Met has digitally made more than 50,000 books, catalogs and works of art available to the public. Everyone knows that when in New York, trying to get The Met visit in one day is basically impossible. This announcement of a digital version of the museum is absolutely astonishing. Not to mention, all the works can be downloaded!

The Pioneer

The organization, which has already started its digitization work six years ago, is once again pioneering the field. Since 2012, the institution's online collection is regularly updated and last year, 50 years of additional publications were added to additional titles that will come to expand its virtual library. From publications from the end of the 19th century to the present day, these works will be freely available on the MET platform. Amazing news for all art lovers, teachers, art historians and accessibility to culture t the greatest number in general.

This addition is a small event for art lovers. Indeed, the works shared do not only reflect those of New York museums but also those of galleries around the world of the last hundred years. It contains rare pieces from Soviet Russia, Hungary, special work from the Thomas J. Watson Library whose mission is to promote research activities in museum teams and to make accessible unique material. So if you’ve got spare time on your hands, feel free to check out their collection.

Women 1915 1920 Plate 025

Women 1915-1920, Plate 025


Mardi gras

Mardi gras


A Thicket of Pictures Without Shapes Cho Gessho

A Thicket of Pictures Without Shapes Cho Gessho


Women 1896 1905 Oversized Plate 052

Women, 1896-1905 Oversized, Plate 052.

Straddling East and West Lin Yutang, a modern literatus

Straddling East and West: Lin Yutang, a modern literatus


Lettre de Frederick Church a William H. Lippincott

Letter from Frederick Church à William H. Lippincott


Naomi Campbell Pour Toi and Marco Cavallo

Naomi Campbell in Pour Toi and Marco Cavallo


Prospectus concert jazz paris 1924

Prospectus concert jazz paris 1924

Brise du Large Metropolitan Museum

“Brise du Large”


Il manoscritto messicano Borgiano

Il manoscritto messicano Borgiano

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