Elena Gnut takes baking to another level using cakes as her canvas

Oct 18, 2018 by Lisa Scarpa

Whoever said pastry chefs were just bakers, was wrong. Elena Gnut comes from Russia; she is a 31-year-old pastry chef who makes extremely detailed cakes made with precision, which reflect reality. She shares her incredible work with the world via her Instagram account, which currently has more than 163k followers.

Amazing Cakes 

Gnut’s imagination and creativity are endless. Each cake is a different piece of art, with a unique style and theme. Her artwork or pastries are always authentic and original, although she does take inspiration from film characters and cartoons. They're almost too lifelike to be true! Not only are they pretty cakes, but they are cool cakes. Cake decorator jobs like Gnut's aren't easy. She is a true artist at heart, as some of her cakes are actually painted on by hand. They are so delicately put together they are almost untouchable and certainly seem uneatable! They look so delicious that no one wants to destroy her beautiful work!

Artistic Cakes 

Reflecting reality seems to be Elena Gnut's main talent when she brings to life one of her culinary creations. For example, she made a cake in the shape of a barrel or cask of wine with grapes placed on top. The illusion is incredible and would fool most people! As you can see, Elena Gnut is a culinary perfectionist putting soul into every one of her cakes to create an extraordinary piece of art.

If you ever happen to be in Kaliningrad, Russia, be sure to look out for the absolutely exquisite work of culinary artist Elena Gnut.

Elena Gnut Wine Barrel Cake

Elena Gnut Tree cake

Elena Gnut Michangelo Cake

Elena Gnut Bambi Cake

Elena Gnut Book Cake

Elena Gnut cake

Elena Gnut Flamingo Cake

Elena Gnut Ape Cake

Elena Gnut Spiderman Cake

Elena Gnut Stich Cake

Elena Gnut Steak Cake

Elena Gnut Blue Girl Cake

Elena Gnut Lips Cake

All Photo Credits: Elena Gnut 

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