Grandparents Show Off Their Inner Hipster

We've all heard the many stories of our grandparents' pasts. A nostalgic side we all that seems to get stronger with age including the urge to relive these experiences by spreading them throughout the younger generations. Fascinated by the adventures and stories of her family, Dutch photographer, Sascha Luna Esmail decided to devote a photographic project to them. She is used to photographing fashion labels and big magazines like Vogue and Glamour, and the photos of this artist are deeply influenced by urban influences that make her work both young and modern.

So, for the 55th wedding anniversary of her grandparents, she embarks on a photo project around her role models. She has taken the sweetness of their marriage to a modern twist, mixing street style clothing and family stories, she set out to reconstruct her grandparents' first date as if it had happened today in 2018. Sweatshirt, basketball cap, and all. Not to mention, the elderly couple's personalities gloriously coming out in each photo. Here's a series of cooler photos than most, deliciously anachronistic and as moving as they are offbeat.

Sascha Luna Esmail streetwear grandma

Sascha Luna Esmail grandparents

Sascha Luna Esmail Hip Grandma

Sascha Luna Esmail Grandpa Adidas

Sascha Luna Esmail Hipster grandpa

Sascha Luna Esmail hipster grandma

Sascha Luna Esmail Gucci Grandpa

Sascha Luna Esmail Smoking Grandma

Sascha Luna Esmail On a Date

Sascha Luna Esmail Styled

Sascha Luna Esmail Hip girl

Sascha Luna Esmail grand parents kiss

All photo credits: Sascha Luna Esmail

24 May 2018 by Elias Khatal

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