The Best Mountain Landscape Photographer in the World

Norwegian mountains

With the return of the beautiful days and the summer that is fast approaching, the desire to escape in search of fresh air, is slowly emerging in our minds. The feelings of freedom and all power that you get during a summer hike, creates a a desire to capture the moment and keep the sensation forever. We tend to do this by taking a picture and sharing it to relatives or through social media. If you that person and are never able to get true-to-life snapshots or get a convincing shot, look no further than Alex Nail’s recent award-winning photos at the International Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards. Taking the title in the Mountain Category!

Powerful Moments Captured

In Greenland, Scotland, South Africa, Iceland, Norway, or Austria, the young British enthusiast of nature and mountains spends his time wandering the most remote territories to capture the most lavish places on the planet. His photographs are of a rather extraordinary quality. The dimensions are so well photographed that the landscapes are overwhelming by their depth, some shots even make you dizzy. More rare but equally impressive are the time lapses that he produces are mesmerizing. In the manner of Drew Geraci, he succeeds in transmitting totally the grandiosity and strength of nature.

uKhahlamba - Drakensberg from Alex Nail on Vimeo.

On his blog, the globe-trotting photographer gives his equipment tips and good habits to be able to successfully photograph in these places that are so everly difficult to access. For him, the important thing in the material is that it’s practical to use, shock resistant and with a powerful battery. He recommends the brands Nikon or Canon. He also recommends to think carefully about the choice of the lens, and to privilege the material which will offer the most flexibility for a minimum of weight in your backpack. For the tripod, he usually uses RRS BH-40.


Adventure first 

Alex Nail may be an excellent photographer, but above all he is an adventurer, with a taste for risk as well as a thirst for insatiable discovery, as evidenced by the photographs on which he is present or we can see his encampments. All of his work is a call to travel and adventure as a tribute to nature and more specifically to the mountains.


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