The Intensity Of A Simple Photograph

Apr 17, 2018 by Lisa Scarpa

French photographer Laetitia Modine, known mostly for her freelance work in web development has created an artist profile and value that is incomparable. Starting by hobby, she photographs the simplicity in our lives and creates photos that affect you more than you would have ever thought. Her photos represent a calmness and serenidity in the simpliest of ways. No human contact and a very meloncholic oura surrounds each of her pictures as if you were alone in that setting taking the photo yourself. The serenity of each picture is what makes each one so poetic.She has grown quickly and has a large following of 90,000+ followers on her instagram. She has also begun working in the creation of content for large brands such as Absolut Vodka, Issey Miyake Perfumes, and many more.

In 2016, French Website Sud Ouest asked Laetitia Modine, “What is your universe like?”

She replied, “I am particularly inspired by the wide open spaces, the nature, the calm places...It’s what will mainly influence my shots. I am very sensitive to the calm, the atmosphere, the emotions that a landscape will make me feel. My photos are mostly contemplative, even if I do not like to stick a label to what I do. I like to vary styles, I like nature, but also architecture, and then create graphic images, sublimate the details. I try to share and express the emotion I feel when I watch a scene that touches me. It can be a grandiose landscape or a small detail (a particular brightness, the line of a building, a reflection ...) All the elements that will echo in me, I wish to share them. I particularly love open spaces, I am often attracted by impoverished environments or lack of human presence. I photograph very few people, unless a person has a place in a landscape. I like to photograph the silence, to isolate an element of the decoration that will have hooked me.”


All Photos Credited to Laetitia Modine 

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