Alessandro Paglia's Mesmerizing Photorealism

Apr 10, 2018 by Lisa Scarpa

Italian artist Alessandro Paglia, the pen master, combines his two passions, Photography and Fine Art to recreate realistic drawings that are easily mistakable for photographs. The photorealism magician creates his masterpieces by using pen instead of pencil to create a much more vivid tone and texture to his design and layout. By using felt-tipped pens with intense 'inky' blacks and extra white rough grain cotton paper, it allows for the amplification of the natural light effect. He chooses an extremely laborious method of drawing… small strokes overlapping each other until the intensity desired has been met or as he says "superimposing a layer of chaotic lines on top of another". A task that takes a patience very little of us could with stand. These drawing aren’t small. They go as large as 113 x 940 cm! With the intensity of his work and the sizes of his work, he can take up 50 to 250 hours working on 1 piece!



Paglia gets his inspiration by first heading to the studio where he photographs his subject or subjects until he finds the perfect rendering. The most harmonious composition where the shadows and lighting are perfectly put in place is the chosen one. He then begins the long hours of artistry that we are so fascinated by. However, he doesn’t replicate the exact photo that was previously taken, he often deforms and surprises himself with his end result and as he says it’s his “little ‘twist’ to the story that the object recounts”.  

Prepare to be amazed. Take your time and appreciate the detail that your mind will be trying to comprehend without fully understand ing how it is humanly possible to create such masterpieces.


Alessandro Paglia, Artist from Dirk Meister on Vimeo.








All Credits: Alessandro Paglia 

His work is available for purchase through the website The Cool Hunter!

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