Why You Should Never Use Stock Photos

When launching a new tab for the website of a company or building a new homepage, beyond the text and wording that will be used, the choice of illustrations is crucial and will influence the credibility and image that we want to put forward. To find images that support the words on the page, we are often tempted to find pictures that come from image banks in the sense of easy to identify and often boilerplate. But you will see here that most of the time the same images come back, and by force, their impact is diminished and our minds interpret them differently. Look rather this small selection of pictures from image banks that can be found everywhere.


The Friendly Senior of the Company

If you feel like you've seen it before, it's normal. If it’s present on the website of your company without you have never crossed in the corridors, it is normal also. We couldn’t even count the amount of sites that use this image to present their tab "employment" and show that their leaders have experience, are always fit and very attentive. The firm handshake and eye contact, only corroborates this impression.


The High Five

The lack of naturalness in this photo would make it almost more effective for promoting a deodorant brand than to show team cohesion.


The Transparent Board

Where the banks of images fall into ridicule sometimes is by their desire to publish photos usable by the greatest number. In other words, the least specific photographs possible. Here, to succeed in making the picture all-encompassing, the choice was made to complete no box of the diagram that is made by the two protagonists. But by this decision we are faced with a bizarre situation in which two employees seem to be extremely focused to achieve a simple pattern that shows nothing. Either their thoughts are empty, or it is the photography that is. And yet, many companies use this photo or variants on their websites.


The Smiling Girl in the Call Center

In recent years, this girl has achieved the feature of dealing with the customer service of thousands of companies around the world at the same time. And yet, every time she is photographed, she seems delighted to do her work despite a schedule certainly extremely busy.

She enjoys spending her time smiling when she's on the phone, why not. But in this other photo, she clearly abandoned her colleagues to go pose in front of a camera. Perhaps her varied experiences in business are explained by a lack of concentration that condemns her never to be kept by her employer...


The Businessman Who Runs

Does the image mean that the employees of the company are fleeing their responsibilities or that they are often late?


The "Multicultural" Handshake

One of the negatives with the image banks is that their photos are not subtle and the meaning is too obvious. The repetition of the same photographs (in the photographic sense and in the sociological sense of the term) reinforces the impression of fake and even becomes repulsive.



If you are looking for originality, do not go in that direction.



In order to fully understand the overexposure of some photographs and some image banks on the internet, take a look at this short video that sums up the idea of our article. This is a compilation of  the mocking of picture bank photos featuring the same person in different roles. All accompanied by an original song to demonstrate the absurdity of these photos with a bit of quirky humor.


Alternatives? Try Meero

Another, more effective solution would be to hire a professional photographer who can take pictures with similar meanings but within your company. That would allow you to benefit from more realistic images, more faithful to the reality of your place of work and finally speaking to the Net surfers than the photographs coming from image banks, so impersonal and empty.

But when a professional photographer is called upon the question of the price and quality of the service is often disturbing. The company Meero, present internationally, is committed to finding experienced photographers to make photos of companies that appeal to it. The photos are much more effective because they show the reality of the companies and transmit the spirit that reigns there. The photographs are retouched by Meero and the photoshoots are delivered 24 hours after the session. A website that remains transparent and true in their quality of information and images, will always surpass the rest.


11 Apr 2018 by Alexandre Nessler

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