A Nostalgic Timeline Through History

Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney in the studio 1983

A photograph is one of the most influential pieces in maintaining our memories intact. They show our emotions and surroundings in one single shot. You can take one look at a picture and the smell, sounds and moments will flood your brain with a series of memories from one single photo. We even seem to remember memories that never happened to us. By seeing a movie or hearing a story and then seeing a picture, we feel a sort of nostalgia although we were never present. We feel almost as if we were there or knew the person. A picture has a certain intimacy that we don’t fully understand. Here is a series of historic, iconic photographs that may or may not leave you feeling nostalgic no where what generation you're born in. 


1839- Louis Daguerre’s original camera


1886 - The first automobile by Carl Benz, the first production car with an internal combustion engine


April 15th, 1912 - The last lifeboats from the Titanic


1920s- Alcohol elimination during Prohibition


Uruguay, July, 1930- The world’s first World Cup in history


March 7th, 1931 - Al Capone on a fishing trip


Louisiana, May 24th, 1934 - Bonnie and Clyde’s car after a trap in Bienville


December 7th, 1941- Pearl Harbor during and after the bombing


Warsaw and Lodz, 1941 - Ghetto in Poland during the Holocaust


1944 - French women who were accused of having affairs with German soldiers were punished by being stripped half naked and having their heads shaved




1953 - A Ukrainian-American family celebrates the death of Stalin.


February 11th, 1954 - Marilyn Monroe performing for thousands of troops in Korea.


1960- Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho shooting


USA, 1969 - Hugh Hefner and his bunnies 


August 16th, 1969- Woodstock


Beverly Hills, April, 1985 / New York, July, 1977- Andy Warhol with Joan Collins and Pele


New York, 1982- Arnold Schwarzenegger at Studio 54, Conan the Barbarian release celebration


December 19th, 1983 - Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney


Mickey Rourke vs. Steve Powell, May 23rd, 1991- Mickey Rourke’s victory


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