Never Before Seen Pictures Of Earth in 3D

Italy by Anton Balazh

From NASA photos to a 3D masterpiece  

It doesn’t take much to change the appearance of the magnificent planet in which we all live on. The Earth. This is proven by the reworked NASA photos by Anton Balazh. The 3D montage shows the territories of our blue planet at night with some retouching that  exaggerates the light. The cities glitter in the middle of islands surrounded by water, and the grounds give the illusion of being a protective crust.


Months of work for an incredible outcome  

The Russian artist admitted that to achieve this, it took him many months of work during which he analyzed NASA’s data on topography, terrain, sea level and ocean depth. He added a modification of each luminous point to emphasize the life and activity that are played on the planet. Strangely, these are pictures that speak to us more. The exaggerated proportions allow for us to better feel what is represented, one would almost feel the contact of the water with the lands and the movement of the light reflected on the surface. In real photos taken from space, land and oceans form a flat ensemble, in which it is harder to imagine. The work of Anton Balazh is therefore as striking as ever, despite being a construction closer to fiction than reality.  

South America Anton Balazh​South America


​East Coast of the US Anton Balazh​East Coast of the U.S.


West Coast of the US Anton Balazh​West Coast of the U.S.


Northern Europe including United Kingdom and part of France Anton Balazh​Northern Europe including United Kingdom and part of France


The Middle East and its deserts Anton Balazh​The Middle East and its deserts


The Nordic and Scandinavian countries Anton Balazh​The Nordic and Scandinavian countries


South East Asia Anton Balazh​South East Asia




New Zealand Anton Balazh​New Zealand


​Japan Anton Balazh​Japan


Central America Anton Balazh​Central America


Cuba and Haiti Anton Balazh

Cuba and Haiti


All Images by Anton Balazh


27 Mar 2018 by Alexandre Nessler

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