What are the pros and cons of selling on marketplaces?

According to B2C Europe, 60% of newly opened online stores close within the first four years. Keeping this in mind, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages to using marketplaces as a platform to sell and promote.

28 Jun 2019 by Alexandra Nadareyshvili

How to sell efficiently on marketplaces

52% of all internet business is on marketplaces. To maximize revenues you need to manage them effectively, and use professional product photography.

28 Jun 2019 by Thomas White

Product video is the future of e-commerce

With 31% of purchases being made after viewing a product video, it should be an essential part of your e-commerce strategy.

10 Jun 2019 by Pauline Gabrielli

How to reduce return rates on e-commerce websites

E-commerce is plagued by high return rates which reduce revenues. The most important strategy to reduce this is professional product photography.

10 Jun 2019 by Thomas White

What are the conversions levers on product pages?

The average conversion rate of eCommerce stores was only 2.86% in 2018. In order to increase this percentage, your business needs to pay close attention to a number of different visual elements that facilitate conversions.

24 May 2019 by Pauline Gabrielli