Learn more about the future trends of adventure tourism!

Adventure tourism continues to grow in its popularity, with at least 42% of all travelers wanting to participate in one or a range of adventure activities.

15 Jul 2019 by Alexandra Nadareyshvili

The Best Free Photoshop Alternatives for 2019

As the undisputed market leader, Photoshop is used by the majority of photo professionals because it allows you to make thousands of changes! But it isn't the only photo editing software that exists... Check out these 13 amazing Photoshop substitutes to help perfect your post-processing without spending a dime.

29 May 2019 by Lisa Scarpa

The impact of photos on retail store conversions

In the age of Internet, visual content marketing is unavoidable for any retailer. Here are some ways professional photography can boost your business' presence online, and increase in-store sales.

06 May 2019 by Thomas White

The 'Must-Follow' Photographers in 2019

Here are the top 10 Must-Follow photographers in 2019. These talented young artists from around the world have taken photography to a new level, creating parallel universes, making us question society, and manipulating the camera in ways we've never seen before...

07 Jan 2019 by Coral Nieto garcia

The Best Photography Schools in the UK and US

Here are the top 10 photography schools in the UK and US that will both qualify you professionally and will also develop your unique style as a photographer to propel you into the world of photography!

21 Dec 2018 by Coline Olsina