Learn more about the future trends of adventure tourism!

Adventure tourism continues to grow in its popularity, with at least 42% of all travelers wanting to participate in one or a range of adventure activities.

15 Jul 2019 by Alexandra Nadareyshvili

How to adapt to OTAs' different photography guidelines

Since 76% of all bookings are carried out using OTA, just interesting text is not enough; to attract more audience you need quality photos and videos

10 Jul 2019 by Alexandra Nadareyshvili

In need of tools, ideas and tips to boost your real estate sales?

Since 89% of homeowners sell their property through real estate business, the agents need to stay on top of their game to properly attract clients.

05 Jul 2019 by Alexandra Nadareyshvili

What are the pros and cons of selling on marketplaces?

According to B2C Europe, 60% of newly opened online stores close within the first four years. Keeping this in mind, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages to using marketplaces as a platform to sell and promote.

28 Jun 2019 by Alexandra Nadareyshvili

How to increase hotel conversion rates?

Hospitality Times state that hotel conversion rates are about 2-3%, with over 95% of all visitors abandoning their booking before paying for a reservation. Although the hotel websites might be good at attracting traffic, they fail to retain users’ attention, which explains such low conversion rates.

28 May 2019 by Alexandra Nadareyshvili