How to sell efficiently on marketplaces

52% of all internet business is on marketplaces. To maximize revenues you need to manage them effectively, and use professional product photography.

28 Jun 2019 by Thomas White

How to increase online travel agency bookings

Online Travel Agencies now take up 76% of all online bookings. Professional photography makes sure that your hotel doesn't get lost among the competition.

17 Jun 2019 by Thomas White

How to reduce return rates on e-commerce websites

E-commerce is plagued by high return rates which reduce revenues. The most important strategy to reduce this is professional product photography.

10 Jun 2019 by Thomas White

The key ways to prepare for a professional hotel photoshoot

Photos are the most important part of marketing for your hotel online. They're easy to do and have an enormous impact on ROI. Here are the key ways to prepare your hotel for a professional photoshoot.

28 May 2019 by Thomas White

What are the biggest branded content trends of 2019?

Adverts are becoming less and less effective, and your target wants new types of online media. This article is here to help you build a consistent brand content strategy.

24 May 2019 by Thomas White