Kira Vygrivach: visual illusions, reclaiming reality

Young photographer and filmmaker Kira Vygrivach is carrying out a survey about a sensitive knowledge of the world, where logical deduction of the things we observe has no place. In this respect, she explores the stylistic and conceptual characteristics of the experimental documentary genre - seen as much in her filmmaking as in her photography.

17 Jan 2019 by Coral Nieto garcia

The 'Must-Follow' Photographers in 2019

Here are the top 10 Must-Follow photographers in 2019. These talented young artists from around the world have taken photography to a new level, creating parallel universes, making us question society, and manipulating the camera in ways we've never seen before...

07 Jan 2019 by Coral Nieto garcia

Real estate photography according to Kike Marcén

The Spanish photographer Kike Marcén, a specialist in architecture and more specifically in photographing property, started working for the company Google seven years ago as a photographer for Street View Trusted, which allowed him to become one of the most sought after photographers in the international market. He has therefore worked for many agencies, architects and builders.

11 Dec 2018 by Coral Nieto garcia

DUANE MICHALS The medium of photography put to work by a philosopher of images

American photographer Duane Michals is known for his photo sequences and descriptions that tell an intimate story. The artist says "I use photography to help me explain my experiences."

06 Dec 2018 by Coral Nieto garcia

Photographing nature: “the romantic eye” of Guzman de Cespedes

The Spanish photographer Guzman De Cespedes, who specialises in street and landscape photography, manages to bring to life even the darkest places devoid of human presence. He sometimes adds people into the shots to give life to these neglected places.

05 Dec 2018 by Coral Nieto garcia