The power of virtual reality tours in real estate

Nowadays, new tech is being introduced all the time; in real estate, the most recent technological development is virtual reality. Today, you can’t afford to run your real estate business without virtual tours on your site.

29 Nov 2018 by Baptiste Le guay

The appearance of colour in photography

Nowadays, we take colour photography for granted, but have you ever considered how it came about? The beginning of the 20th century was the debut of colour in both photography and cinema. Even after colour was perfected in photography and cinema, the traditional Black and White was favoured and it took awhile for people to come to terms with using colour.

20 Nov 2018 by Baptiste Le guay

The Top 12 Haunted Houses in the UK and USA

Forget those hokey attractions at amusement parks. These haunted houses are nothing like the 'Haunted Mansion' at Disneyland. These are the real deal, the scariest real haunted houses in the UK and America.

31 Oct 2018 by Baptiste Le guay

Benita Suchodrev Photographs ‘Trashy’ Blackpool in Black and White

On the promenade along the North Sea, Benita Suchodrev photographs the people of one of the strangest and most special cities in England: Blackpool. With a horror film-worthy cover, the artist has fun capturing the moods of the people who live in this seaside town.

12 Oct 2018 by Baptiste Le guay

6 tips on how to become an HDR photography pro!

High Dynamic Range or HDR, you’ve heard it mentioned a million times, but what exactly is it? Well, it's simply a photography technique that gives a picturesque and unusual effect to your photos. Follow these 6 tips to become an HDR guru! - And don't worry it doesn't have to break your bank account!

05 Oct 2018 by Baptiste Le guay