2020 Forecast: 3 Food and Beverage Visual Trends

17 Feb 2020 by Monica Linzmeier

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After analyzing the major emerging visual trends in the short term rental and travel industry, our photo quality teams have focused on the Food and Beverage sphere. By studying thousands of photos and analyzing visual trends across the board, they have noticed these three major trends.  

Here are our predictions for 2020 

1. Food Photography in 2020 will feature more color

2. The texture of your food and your materials is more important than ever

3. Feature photos that highlight: healthy ingredients, red meat alternatives 


1. Food Photography in 2020 will feature more color

Food and Beverage photo Meero

© Meero

No, we don’t mean to up the saturation on your images. We recommend keeping the colors as true to real life as possible to ensure that your clients’ expectations remain realistic. What we’ve noticed leading up to 2020, is that the food photography that is not mono-chrome has the best rate of success. 

People are eating healthier and as a general rule, the more colorful your plate, the healthier it is. This translates into photography, that if a dish has only shades of brown, it is going to draw your client’s eye that much less. 

What does this mean exactly? If your dishes are all shades of one color, consider adding colorful touches to your plating. Colorful napkins, green garnishes, and a contrasting plate color will all help your photography stand out. 

When it comes to food photography, the goal is to make your dishes as appealing as possible. 


2. Capture the texture of your food and your materials 

Food and Beverage photo Meero

© Meero

This one might not seem obvious right off the bat. What we are noticing is that with the arrival of high-quality phone and computer screens, people are noticing more and more detail... detail which is shaping their opinion of an establishment subconsciously. 

Today, photos are able to transmit more than just what’s on the plate, we’re capable of giving a glimpse into the quality of the establishment. The texture of the table, of the ingredients, of the dishware, it’s all a dead give-away for what they can expect once they arrive. 

If you’re not yet convinced about the importance of showing details in your products, consider this: According to Yelp, restaurants searches with ‘Instagram’ increased 3,000% between 2015 and 2017. 

How to highlight texture in visuals? By using the natural light available, you make sure the photo doesn’t appear ‘flat.’ Natural lighting highlights the tiny details and imperfections in natural materials like marble and wood, and it has the same effect on your dishes. 

3. Healthy ingredients, red meat alternatives are on the rise

Food and Beverage photo Meero

© Meero

We can’t help but notice food trends that go above and beyond regular photography. Over the past months, we’ve noticed an increase in healthy eating alternatives, as more people move towards a cleaner diet. 

What’s more? We’ve seen an increased interest in red meat alternatives like fish, seafood, and other vegetarian-friendly proteins. Make sure to highlight these dishes in your photography, and consider giving them preferential placement in your online listings or social media feeds. 

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