How to make the most of your food truck marketing with visual marketing?

03 Oct 2019 by Abdel Founas

Photo by REVOLT, Unsplash

There’s a revolution underway, that of the food truck industry. The Food truck industry is now $2 billion-plus in estimated revenue in cities across the United States of America alone. Do the math and you can see that the industry’s overall revenue has grown 300% in the last three years.

Food trucks grew in popularity and exploded on the scene towards the end of the global recession five years ago and it makes perfect sense. To start, you need a good creative product, a fire source, and a stable, sturdy cart. However what really propelled the industry to the next level is the marketing, visuals and the strategic use of social media.

In this blog, I’ll explore the marketing and some insight to the importance of creating a strong brand image for your food truck!

Build your branding

One of the biggest challenges facing the food truck industry is creating a strong brand image.  Let’s imagine a scenario: You have a potential customer who’s hungry and in need of food. Before they even walk up to the truck to order something to eat and engage with your staff they will inspect your logo, branding, and creativity. 

More often than not this is the deciding factor, after the price, on whether they decide to test your product. Your brand identity is the first point of communication between you and the client. If the branding is at the level required you are already a couple of steps closer to turning this one-off potential customer to a loyal client. 

If the competition is doing a great job when it comes to branding then you simply cannot expect to thrive without investing in your own marketing strategy to differentiate your food truck from the rest. Branding offers you the chance to develop your client base through steady, innovative and accurate content.

It’s true that you can formulate a strong idea of a food truck through their logo, website, and social media presence, however, there’s a lot more than what meets the eye. A lot of the client relationships a food truck can create is through the visual content. Whether it is on social media, your food truck website or even through brochures and leaflets, that’s why it is so important to have quality visuals, every single time! 

Food photos


Create a consistent brand identity

Creating a single standout customer experience through fantastic service may get a customer’s attention—but does it get their loyalty from the get-go? Not always. Food trucks that progressively increase their client retention base and loyalty usually do so by delivering a consistent customer experience through different facets of the company and across all their social media platforms. 

The average revenue increases by 23% when brands present consistency -Github

What can be achieved through consistency? Your internet presence and social media content become unique and distinguishable. There’s one factor of a marketing campaign that requires this persistence and consistency to ensure the creation of your brand identity. You probably have already guessed it. It comes down to your visual content.

Be consistent with the content you produce. Produce informative content through high-quality images, videos and infographics and followers will come looking to your social media/website as a resource with added value. Consistency means that followers will know what to expect from your brand as well as that they will regularly visit your sites for promos and general updates on your food truck!

Ice cream cone

Photo by Christin Hume, Unsplash

Tell a Story

Every single food truck that we see has its own story to tell. From how it was created to how it’s managed and the sort of food it offers. But to accurately deliver this story and make your brand identifiable it’s important you take time to invest in the identity. It’s a necessity to take a step back and analyze all aspects of your marketing strategy. 

From your current logo to the fluidity of your social media sites. Does it precisely represent who you are? Is it something that will strike the attention of a newcomer? Is there consistency in the content you are marketing?

Head over to Instagram to take a look at Yeastie Boys Bagel’s Instagram account with more than 34k followers! They have mastered the art of storytelling.

By creating a clear tone of voice as the irreverent Yestie Boys and by posting mouthwatering photos of their food mixed in with their food truck schedule, this FoodTruck has created a dedicated fan base of people who keep coming back!

The successful food trucks, whether they’re newcomers or they are pioneers, all have one thing in common: They have built their way to the top by building a strong brand identity which consequently achieves a snowball effect. Do not sabotage the growth of your food truck by underspending on your marketing budget.

Create a strong social media presence

In the food industry, social media can make or break your company. The potential to market your product through social media is enormous.

According to The Independent,18- to 35-year-olds spend the equivalent of five days a year browsing food pictures on Instagram and 30% say they would shun a restaurant if they had a weak Instagram presence. 

With 70% of Instagram posts going unseen, it’s not that simple. As well as high-quality content you will need to build engagement with your followers, strategically pick your tags and even envisage Instagram advertising. The best thing about Instagram advertising is that it allows you to target your relevant audience. As well as your existing client base you can focus the ads on their followers, people in their locality and who hold similar interests.

Keep at it! 

The food truck industry is booming and for good reason. It’s practical, efficient and it offers a different experience to what we are usually accustomed to. However, to really elevate your business it’s imperative to invest in your marketing and brand strategy. The best way to do so is through high-quality, consistent and standardized visual content as well as strategic usage of social media.

If you can manage to tick those three boxes as well as offer top quality products and service then the sky is the limit.

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