The impact of photos on food delivery apps performance

When deciding to order food, you first go through the menu, focusing mostly on the visuals in it. You then decide to go with the one dish you find most appetizing. What ultimately shapes your decision is the photo you see next to the description box.

An inspiring and well-done photo will not only push the customers to go to your website but will also remove any potential doubts about the quality of the food.

Let’s find out why it’s essential for your food app to use only high-quality images. You will discover that Meero has all the necessary services you need and why it’s best for you to partner up with us in order to succeed.  

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Quality photos improve your sales performance by making you stand out

“Adding good quality photos to your page guarantees to boost sales by 30%”

Professionally made photography makes a huge impact on the performance of any food delivery app. Good photography is what sets apart companies from their competitors, and increases their number of sales.

According to Grubhub, adding professionally-taken photos to your page guarantees to boost sales by at least 30%. In addition, a customer is more likely to order from a website or an app that displays a menu that includes photos of every dish.

In fact, by having good photos you will be appealing to the emotions of the customer and encourage them to explore your page. As stated by Deliveroo’s statistics, items that have images next to them have an average increase of 6.5% in sales, compared to those without.

The photos you use help to build your brand identity and promote your values

Items that have images next to them have an average increase of 6.5% in sales, compared to those without.

Good photos can increase sales and build brand identity. Professional photographers are up-to-date with the latest trends and know what consumers want to see when browsing through the food app.

Arranging the photo composition in a specific way can drastically change consumers’ point of view and their intent to actually order the food.

Using photo-based menus increases your chances of being remembered and recognized

Photo-based menus on an online ordering platform increase their conversion rate by 25%, compared to text menus

Including memorable photos on your menu can generate consumer traffic and create customer loyalty. Spreading photos of your food menu on social media can help establish a community and spread the word. Normally people remember only 10% of the information they read. However, when you add an image, this number goes up to 65%. Using memorable photos in advertisements encourages people to recognize the brand later on. Furthermore, photos can tell a lot about the brand, promoting its vision and values.


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By including certain images on a page, a brand continues to build its identity and make sure people can associate it with certain values. It is important to be consistent in the quality of photography and the message it carries along with it.

Meero takes care of all the photographic process from start to end for you

At Meero, we conduct business with nearly 31,000 customers and partner with 58,000 photographers in over 100 countries. We work with talented and experienced photographers to take inspiring and high-quality photos. After the photos are taken, Meero directly deals with the editing process, using its top artificial intelligence technology to process your images with speed and precision.

Here is how Meero takes care of all your food photography needs

  • Enter the date and address and we take care of everything

  • We guarantee the availability of a specialized food photographer  

  • We edit the photographs within 24 hours thanks to our AI

  • You can then download all the photos from your personal space


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