Top apps and sites to help boost your restaurant bookings

Nov 12, 2018 by Phoebe Cook


OpenTable will make your restaurant reservation experience a whole lot easier. Currently OpenTable looks after more than 43,000 restaurants around the world. You can view menus, food photos and reviews from previous diners.

The app is flexible for its users; it allows you to search local restaurants by cuisine, location and personalised recommendations once you’ve used it a few times. In addition to this, you get loyalty perks; every time you book and dine you earn rewards for future meals.

OpenTable app

OpenTable app

You are able to invite guests to RSVP to your reservations directly from the app, which saves your the hassle of chasing them up yourself!

OpenTable is expanding globally, with restaurants all over the world, including the US, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Japan, the Netherlands and more!

OpenTable global expansion

OpenTable is FREE, easy to join and has a 4.8 rating on iTunes. Just download the app here and get started! And if you’re still not convinced, here are some reviews to make up your own mind!

CocoLina 1 - “Love OpenTable, it really is a well put together app, that comes in handy when one wants to book in advance or find good offers. [...] The only thing missing would be [...] a universal payment method via the app.”

Gizmodo - “OpenTable Is Secretly the Best Thing on the Internet”




“Our mission is to ensure nobody has a bad meal”

Zomato lets you browse through menus, photos, reviews and ratings to help make your decision. Once you’ve decided you can use Zomato’s map feature to guide you there.

Some features include:

  • Searching for restaurants, cafes, bars by location, cuisine and name.

  • Exploring numerous local restaurants, then using search filters to find the one that suits you best

  • Viewing menus, pictures, phone numbers, directions, user reviews etc

  • Rating and reviewing restaurants you've been to, and sharing your pics on the app

  • Keeping an easy reference list of your favorite places you want to visit with ‘Bookmarks’ option

  • And last but not least, the in-app table booking, where you can view and book tables

Zomato is also FREE and can be downloaded here. It’s got a 4.7 rating on iTunes and plenty of good reviews.

Here’s one from Miss CG - “I discovered so many new great restaurants thanks to this app [...] With regards to the support, I found that excellent too. There have been instances where my order was late or a few items were missing and thanks to the chat option, everything was resolved promptly.”

Reserve with Google

Google Reserve is a new part of Google, which allows you to find and reserve a table in a restaurant to attract a new, loyal clients. Clients can then build up their own profile, either to book their favourite restaurants again, or to discover new places based on their previous bookings.

Reserve with Google how to use

Reserve with Google how to use

Tons of people already use Google maps to find and get directions for restaurants, so Google has decided to simplify it by creating the new channel Google Reserve.

Google Reserve doesn’t require any interaction from the restaurant itself, this allows restaurant owners to be more efficient and attend to their customers in the restaurant at any time!

Google does not charge users or businesses for Reserve.

Avid user, Marie, thinks: “It allows you to spend more time doing what you want to be doing”

Yelp Reservations

Yelp Reservations is for everyone - restaurants big and small! Yelp Reservations provides a customisable app for its clients, this stops you having to worry about booking guests and lets you focus on the customers currently at your restaurant.

You can pull up reviews of any of 4,000 restaurants that Yelp help out. Simply type in your request, then swipe and click on the time you want to book. As you view Yelp reviews, a filter allows you to find the restaurants that take reservations via Yelp.

This flexibility is continued with the way the app functions. It helps you manage the number of available reserved places to book online, versus the number of walk-ins you get, to help manage your tables effectively. Plus, it provides accurate waiting times for walk-ins, sending them a message when the table opens up. Yelp also tracks the entire floor plan, including diners’ preferences, allergies and special occasions!

You can run Yelp Reservations from anywhere and on any device. According to Yelp, its software is easier to use than OpenTable. Yelp doesn’t list the software’s price, but their website offers monthly rates with no setup fees or cover fees, unlike OpenTable.

Download Yelp Reservations here and start your Demo! And while you’re waiting, here are some customer reviews for Yelp Reservations:

Jay Foster, Chef/Owner - “Yelp Reservations helped me grow our bottom line. By switching to Yelp Reservations, we were able to offer full medical coverage to our staff.”

Doug Dalton, Owner - “Yelp Reservations allows us to manage our floor and reservations effortlessly. It’s perfect for our young, tech-savvy clientele. We liked it so much that we put it in our newest bar, Tradition.”


Superb prides itself on being a modern, user-friendly and personal reservation platform. It customises every step of the customer’s experience.

It’s sleek and Scandi and at the high-end of the restaurant experience market. It aims to match the identity of the world’s best restaurants. It looks swanky and sophisticated, but this doesn’t mean it’s hard to use. The platform is simple, intuitive and easily used by any employee!

You can schedule a meeting with Superb today here! In this meeting you can discuss the price, which varies from restaurant to restaurant. But not to worry, Superb prides itself on its no hidden fees, no switching costs and no binding contract.

“All the tools you need for daily operation gathered in one place freeing up time to prepare the perfect guest experience and grow your business”.

I Know The Chef

This diner-focused app lists only restaurants that have been reviewed by them to ensure they reach the requirements. You select a restaurant, time and number of diners and the app responds either confirming, or telling you how likely it is that a table will become available later on.

It costs $25 for a 10-day trial and $75 for three months. An “elite” annual package costs $1,250. The perks of being an elite customer is you get priority on the waiting lists, access to an elite set of restaurants and help from an online reservation manager.  Elite users get perks like priority on waiting lists, access to a special group of restaurants and the help of a live reservations manager. You can sign up by emailing I Know The Chef at or download the app here.

Here are some customer reviews:

Carm-nast - “Much better than open-table! Not only have i gotten a bunch of reservations that weren't available via open table but they've sent out champagne or dessert on the house during every reservation”

Phopki1 - “Wow! This service is amazing. I've used this to plan ahead and make reservations at some of the hottest/ toughest NYC restaurants and they've always been able to deliver! I've used it for personal and professional dinners.”

One thing to note is that so far, this platform is only available in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami.


Spotluck is quite dissimilar to I Know The Chef and Superb, it isn’t interested in hot restaurants, eliteness or exclusivity, rather it’s aim is to fill seats in local places using an algorithm. This algorithm incorporates the day of the week, time, weather and much more, to work out the discount needed to fill those seats!

The app is FREE to use, so download it here. The way it works is you spin a wheel that randomly selects a restaurant and attaches a discount of up to 30% off. If you don’t fancy this restaurant, then you can select another restaurant for a smaller discount.

JimboVA - “We use this app most times when we are looking for a place to eat. It includes some of our favorite restaurants, which is a big plus. And we always save because the spin is for an extra discount. Getting a 5% extra discount when it is raining is a plus.”

Godwyn_Fischig - “The best part of the app are the random nights that you go out of your typical path to try something new (because who can pass up 25% off) and you find a gem of a place just down the block!”

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